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Limited Edition Of 15 Access Synths
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raphus    Said...

It certainly looks better than the white one, but $1,300 for half the polyphony of the 7-year-old Virus TI range is too steep for me.

24-Nov-12 10:43 AM

loneraver    Said...

I've been waiting to fork out money to Access for some time now but I've been waiting for a new Virus. I'm afraid that as soon as I buy one of these models, they will come out with a new one since they are WELL overdue.

25-Nov-12 12:03 PM


They celebrate 15 years in business by changing the color to black? I thought Moog had gone over board but at least they tried with their pimped out voyager. Access has perfected the virus over the years and now are stuck for a new original product. The fact they cannot even be bother to put our a worth while anniversary synth for themselves says it all.

26-Nov-12 08:56 AM

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