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Podcast: SONIC TALK 292 Who Ate All The Pi?
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lu_ce71    Said...

I'm really sorry, but I think you didn't get what Elektron boxes are all about.

22-Nov-12 09:29 PM

Nick B    Said...

Perhaps not, would you care to explain?

23-Nov-12 12:32 PM

lu_ce71    Said...

I don't disagree with all you guys are saying, but in my opinion, you guys missed the opportunity to see the potential of these machines. "analog synths should be covered in knobs and controls.." The Elektron Boxes are mainly designed to performed live and are very successful in doing so. All parameters are very intuitive and easy to reach even if they are on a small surface (are indeed small boxes compared to full size analog synths). They wouldn't be so popular if where so difficult to play. The interface with step sequencer and P-locks (parameter locks are like automation in DAWs) make 'em unique and extremely open to creative use: every user came up with their own way of interpreting and using the machine. Mark Tinley comments are focused on how "not hands on" might be, but from a person which phrase experimentation, I'm sorry he doesn't see how much these machines are open to this: let's just say that (for example) people like Autechre made a lot of recorded and live music using Elektron gear because are very experimental and twick-able machines. Their systems are really open to interpretation laving the musician with a vast amount of space for experimentation. In a nutshell: the Machinedrum is a drum machine, but "more and different". the Monomachine is a synth, but "more and different". the Octatrack is a sampler, but "more and different". the AnalogueFour will probably be an analog synth, but "more and different". I agree that you have to grasp their philosophy before you can get serious results. but this time, as opposed to the Octatrack which indeed is a particularly "difficult" one, the AnalogueFour looks pretty straight forward analogue synth + step seq. It even has more knobs than usual! Also with CV, it will open to even more experimentation with the integration of external gear. Yes I'm very exited about it, I'm a fan boy and to "us" it will be familiar territory anyway. Your "thumb drive upload thingy" already looks more complicated to figured out than the A4 ;) I hope I've clarified myself. Thank you for your time, Cheers.

ps. t"he now sound": I want to applaud Elektron for NOT using dub step in any of the A4 audio demos!

24-Nov-12 06:17 AM

Leila    Said...

My hat is off to your atutse command over this topic-bravo!

14-Jan-13 09:00 AM

pskqudilxb    Said...

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16-Jan-13 10:31 PM

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