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Rob Hicks On The Custom Classic vs The Not-So Custom Classic
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Ebony    Said...

Ebony! Not Rosewood!

19-Nov-12 09:08 PM

Don    Said...

Interesting discussion. I recently acquired a 96 Epi LP Stnd that just simply feels right in my hands, and sounds great (to me) unplugged. I'm happy. I can afford a used Gibson, but I don't want one, I've found one that fits me. I'm not much of a modder; might change pickups sometime in the future, but definitely no hurry, these are not that bad.

21-Nov-12 10:01 AM

Ismail    Said...

Nov23 I saw your post in the MT forums, I see you got November to show up. Once you get the hang of MT, I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more. Good Luck.

27-Nov-12 02:37 PM

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