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Podcast: Sonic TALK 291 - Jordan Rudess Kevin Chartier
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Arnie Ruff    Said...

Sonic talk is a great web broadcast. Nick, Gaz, and the returing musicians offer great insights. The British humor enhances the enjoyment factor. And Sonic State music equipment evals are the best!

15-Nov-12 01:34 PM

Leslie    Said...

Sorry, but as exciting as it was at the beginning, it went flatline very soon. Windows RT DOES NOT SUPPORT MIDI. Case closed. Jordan's apps are fun, but not pro - i.e. ill never use them in my humble studio setup. Maybe W8 Tablets will have something more to offer, but as it is iOS is THE only viable platform for Tablet musician.

16-Nov-12 02:20 AM

loneraver    Said...

The Surface has a full on USB host on board. This means that they could easily add MIDI to the OS and let you use any of your class compliant MIDI interfaces or synths. This is way more interesting and promising than using the camera connection kit to use MIDI.

If what Leslie says about Windows RT not supporting MIDI right now is correct, it's disappointing but having a USB host port has a much larger potential than my iPad.

18-Nov-12 01:19 PM

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