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What Elektron Were Teasing Us About
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Passer By    Said...

Why make an something like this then make it look like a digital control panel for a home heating system, dry and cold. What about sliders, pots, knobs, and those analogue looking nice to touch things. The way this AnalogueFour looks may be the reason for it to flop.

15-Nov-12 12:16 PM

eXode    Said...

Also, according to the FAQ there won't be a poly mode on release. So basically you'll initially just be able to use it as 4 mono synths.

15-Nov-12 01:18 PM

selercs    Said...

Really nice video! Great production. Sorry whiners...learn to appreciate something before whining prematurely about a synth you most definitely haven't played yet.

15-Nov-12 06:56 PM

skunk    Said...

It does have a rugged an cold look, but if you've never used an Elektron product than you don't know that it's user-interfaces are known for their highly intuitive workflow, very performance friendly.

15-Nov-12 08:48 PM

aca    Said...

The design looks comical, I agree that it looks dreadfull,and again no specific adsr,filter,controls,etc All the assignable knobs, makes this look like a mdid controller .Cheap production .The mopho has mor knobs on it I believe. It will do ok with peopl into Ipads etc, they like gimmiks.Musicians might not buy this.

16-Nov-12 02:23 AM

Passer By    Said...

Well I hope it does sound great. But unless you already are hardware-synth based and if you are mainly In the Box based the last thing you want is an ANALOGUE instrument that looks like a calculator with round buttons.

Then what are you supposed to do? Use another keyboard-knob-slider controller to operate it?

Personally I prefer direct manipulation of sound when it comes to an Analogue instruments for more direct results, easy to experiment with, more satisfying.

A company that specialises in Analogue boxes should have already know that.

It may sound great but if it looks like crap I personally won't touch it.

16-Nov-12 04:17 AM

Grandpa TrouserCough    Said...

Bunch of wimps! When i was your age we had one big damn knob to edit our patches on big hulking digital synths. Now that was programming! bunch of puss'd out nancy's who need a full layout of controls to make em feel good about themselves. This machine is about trying to create some original sounds out of a boring over used form of synthesis. What? No polymode? Bunch of lazy asses. Easy way of getting around the poly mode issue. Multitrack! or assign the same sound to each mono and have each monosynth play the corresponding note for chords! What a brain buster that was!!! 'scuse me while I go and find my teeth and squeeze my wife's saggy titties. =)

16-Nov-12 08:46 AM

Grandma TrouserCough    Said...

No need to look for your dentures they're right where you left em. In my kooch! It's been hell having to walk around like this!

16-Nov-12 08:52 AM

Grandson TrouserCough#2    Said...

Shut it you two! I can't hear my Brostep track on my Beats by Dre headphones!

16-Nov-12 08:56 AM

eXode    Said...

@Grandpa TrouserCough: The Oberheim Four Voice was released in 1975 and even that synth has proper polyphony. :P

16-Nov-12 02:32 PM

Peter K.    Said...

This actually looks really cool, with the exception of the lack of a poly mode. It's almost like a Tetra with an expanded filter section. There are knobs to control the sound, and a better display. If they can implement a poly mode, I'd be really interested in it.

18-Nov-12 12:54 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Just watched the video. It was interesting, but what does it have to do with the product?

18-Nov-12 01:25 AM

Passer By    Said...

Peter, I guess the soundtrack of the video was made with AnalogueFour

18-Nov-12 02:44 AM

Passer By    Said...

Stupid marketing choice. I finally noticed the few seconds in the video where u actually see the instrument, from there I could see it actually has 10 knobs.

The video is boring so I must have missed the quick short frames showing the knobs. And on their site they manly show top views of the panel where from the top it all looks flat like soft rubber buttons.

10 knobs better than my first impression of no knobs.

Electron should actually make good use, constructive use, of my comments if they monitor this thread and improve their marketing making sure they actually do show the control features more/better in a more explicit way.

On their site again there is only one image that shows the knobs while all other pages show top flat views

18-Nov-12 03:11 AM

catseye    Said...

Look out for the scene where the kids playing the toy xylophone with headphones!! Also when the mother is burying it in the field. No case again - probably not good for the components to be treated like that aye :0

18-Nov-12 11:42 PM

EMwhite    Said...

I was never into the 'production station' genre but they are obviously opting for traditional beat-machine layout over knob-for-function. There is only so much real estate I suppose.

As for Poly mode, just drop $99 on a Mutable-Instruments MidiPal and dial in a four voice using the Distrib app and you are done. Would seem a terrible waste to just 'play' this in real time. I think (but what do I know) the strength is in the sequencing, track triggering and presumably in the sound.

Go back in time to the Electribe series, lift out the modeling engine and replace with 4 Analog and you're talking about the same thing for the most part.

19-Nov-12 10:25 AM

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