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Steinberg Announces Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7
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Adam    Said...

Wow. Steinberg/Yamaha are so obviously out of touch now. Not only is the interface disappointingly ugly, but the website and product videos are bewilderingly dull.

I think this just pushed Studio One even further ahead. Yamaha wrote the book on pro audio. Whatever happened to that enthusiastic and innovative attitude? Bad corporate management skills if you ask me.

16-Nov-12 01:46 AM

Dave Boulden    Said...

I disagree, the mixer changes seem VERY relevent to my day-to-day business running a local studio. The mixer enhancements are adding exactly the features I've been wanting to see in Cubase for the last couple of revisions, both in terms of plug-in features and workflow enhancements. A spectrum analyser within the EQ module is long overdue as is the configurable mixer views and the overhaul of the MIDI controller mapping.... all very important in a working studio.

16-Nov-12 08:13 AM

Adam    Said...

I agree about the mixer section, but the rest of it looks like software from the 90's.

16-Nov-12 02:07 PM

Codec    Said...

Why do the new controllers look so good, while the software is so ugly?

17-Nov-12 03:54 AM

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