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Touted Rolling Stones Tickets Reach £11,000 as Band Defends Prices
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Synth_Fan    Said...

Saw the Stones in Slane Castle, Ireland a few years ago - Mick Jagger has more energy in his little finger than I have in completion and I'm half his age. It was genuinely a fabulous gig. Real pity they aren't doing more gigs this time.

09-Nov-12 02:58 PM

gimme shelter    Said...

So much for the rebellion in rolling stones. In the early years - kick and scream and piss off the queen, today tired old geezers and comfort creatures.

10-Nov-12 07:20 AM

Dino Saw    Said...

Extra show announced in Brooklyn according to Rolling Stone mag.

13-Nov-12 03:43 AM

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