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Golden Moog
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Mr Silver    Said...

Jeesus that thing is ugly. looks like a cheap executive stationery set.

08-Nov-12 11:55 AM

Ferrero Rochet    Said...

Ambassador, with these Moogs you are spoiling us

08-Nov-12 11:58 AM

RP    Said...

If a synth ever decided to financially manage a collection of hookers, this would be that synth

08-Nov-12 12:49 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I would love to have one but for $15,000.00 you would have to be a fool. There is a seat for every ass out there.

08-Nov-12 02:33 PM

robgs    Said...

I'm surprised it doesn't come with a chandelier and candlesticks it's so ostentatious - Liberace (would have) and Elton (will) love it - perhaps even Rick Wakeman.. it'll go with his capes :-)

08-Nov-12 03:29 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

If they can give me a golden chain to put it around my neck as the worlds most expensive keytar, maybe

08-Nov-12 05:29 PM

freakfunk    Said...

Absurdly decadent, the posts on synthopia regards the synth are straight forward,Mogg is already very expensive and in this current climate, people are stuggling to pay bills, this is not a great time to be parading such wealth.

09-Nov-12 02:18 AM

rezazel    Said...

I would sooo like to have this! Looks really great! Good thing they only made 31, because there can't be more musicians than that who still are able to live from their music - now that millions of people seem to have decided music should not cost anything :-(

09-Nov-12 04:28 AM

rezazel    Said...

meant "make a living" sorry

09-Nov-12 04:29 AM

mymoogmatchmygrill    Said...

How about moog quit crankin' out 10,000 versions of the same thing and start churning out the synths??!! No vision at all. Playing it safe and stupid to the point of being absurd.Instead of releasing a pimp version of the voyager, why not showcase a new flagship instrument to pave the way for the future?

09-Nov-12 08:59 AM

Huh?    Said...

Mr. Silver said: "cheap executive stationery set". Just what I was thinking.

10-Nov-12 06:01 PM

Blake    Said...

Moog is making museum pieces now? It seems that they could learn a thing or two from Elektron

C'mon Moog, really?

12-Nov-12 11:08 AM

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