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Learn To Play Rainbow
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I'm looking for the F# B E G# B E tuning scales, and chords. I never took guitar lessons and it became obvious to me that I didn't have the innate talent to learn on my own. Would you know a few things to share to use during practice to make me improve as a guitarists??

06-Nov-12 08:45 PM

Johnson    Said...

Hi can you share any fast tricks to develop callouses on my finger tips? Cause I really need it in my guitar lessons....I hope to hear back from you soon....

11-Nov-12 10:12 PM

John Matrix    Said...

Just play more, the one and only trick. Some people use glue though.

10-Dec-12 07:52 AM

Johnson    Said...

I would like to know about the fret lights light up fret & fret light instruction to use in my guitar lessons..Also I can't find out how to play a B chord. This is the I had gone through:

13-Dec-12 03:15 AM

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