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Product Presentation: Akai MPC Renaissance
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Sabsa    Said...

I'm just curious about it's sync to my DAW. will it lock tightly ? Also,how about it's latency ? If I create a heavy project,will the pads still react as well ?? Gonna have to check this thoroughly and if it works as promised I'm getting one for sure.

02-Nov-12 12:19 PM

16 levels    Said...

You will have to pry my hardware mpc from my cold dead handz....

02-Nov-12 01:20 PM

Eau    Said...

I have a feeling that this product demo video exists only because the initial sales of the Renaissance are not what Akai was hoping for. If the end user is savvy enough to use DAWs and manipulate Midi CC values, what is the incentive to buy a Renaissance over a much more economical pad controller such as Akai's own MPD32?

Even if they repackaged the MPC 500 in the MPC Studio chassis, it would have been a huge winner. Even the MPC Fly is a better value than the Renaissance as the form factor and Ipad integration are still a portable and self contained MPC experience.

Shame on Akai for foisting this glorified midi controller on us. The only way to atone for this would be to introduce a fully functional MPC in the form factor of an MPK25 to rival the Korg Microsampler, which, for those in the know, is a great sampler.

02-Nov-12 01:53 PM

jAUF    Said...

needs computer, right? what is " SO MPC " about it? its a controller,....:/

02-Nov-12 03:01 PM

Sunny Jim    Said...

Got mine this week. The hardware is substantial, chunky and pleasing.The software appears really skin of its teeth.Cannot recognise Spectrasonics plugins at all, and when it crashes a complete computer reboot is needed. I have always loved MPC`s, but to compete legitimately with the very fine Maschine 1.8, they need to sort the software pretty damn pronto.

03-Nov-12 05:00 AM

Sunny Jim    Said...

Also what happened to dual midi? Transpose used to be an on the fly command by chosen number of semitones, now being an executable command, it`s far less in the moment for where will the riff/bassline/chordal structure go next. Brief written manual but like often now more detail in the manual within program, somewhat congestedly graphically arranged. Attend to these details and have devoted lifelong followers.

03-Nov-12 05:09 AM

tony    Said...

have its rock solid but the software needs work and can not compete with maschine ive had for years and upgraded to tthe new model when i purchased my mpc mpc is on the right track just need to fix software it the problem but certain things are better than maschine hardware feels like a real mpc and really barely have to touch the computer the 16 knobs are great plugin in control is good and super easy to map on ghe fly but serious bugs when creating a full song and maschine has alot less hick ups but the work flow is not as good oh maschine daw intergration all the way round is better ni is just better software mpc has all the potential though

03-Nov-12 04:05 PM

Sunny Jim    Said...

Note repeat latching, now that`s a great feature. But for some reason it works only on MPC sounds, not via midi which would also be great.

07-Nov-12 02:26 AM

Champ    Said...



Yes the new MPC is a Maschine controller made by Akai.


09-Nov-12 12:31 PM

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