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Podcast: SONIC TALK 289 - Ableton 9, Push and the Raven
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No Video?!

02-Nov-12 08:34 AM

Wildman    Said...

The video is on youtube.

Controllers are great and I have a few and they are great at approaching music in new ways and I love using them to control software instruments. However, I see where Nick is coming from, some people learn how to play the keys and indeed when you have mastered the keyboard it is faster for developing new material than learning a new controller. But i still think it is useful to learn both and try and get the best of both worlds.

02-Nov-12 10:03 AM

Nick B    Said...

sorry folks, was a but tardy posting the embed code.

02-Nov-12 10:54 AM

Muzzo Mamasch    Said...

Gaz Williams says that you could already do the "Take Arrange Parts back into the Session View" action and explains how. But he is wrong in a way, because he misses the fact that when you have several Clips of different Lengths on your Tracks, this ends up in a total mess in Session View. You would first have to consolidate the clips in Arrange to equal lengths to get the musically correct result in Session. And that's exactly what the new command seems to do.

10-Nov-12 09:54 AM

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