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Amped Review: Sonuus Wahoo Filter Pedal
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asiohead    Said...

That was a super duper review Gaz ! I'm really considering getting one.

31-Oct-12 06:45 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

I agree, top notch review Gaz ! I currently have a Dunlop 535Q and it does "that thing" but I've personally found it kinda lacking in pizzazz and end up using something else when I want to get more adventurous with the sound (which is almost always) . I'm really into the fun studio possibilities using this with Ableton and the Rhodes ..and every thing else .

31-Oct-12 07:12 PM

jabels    Said...

Great review gaz! Love your energy about all of it!

31-Oct-12 11:05 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

I've been searching for a Wah / Touch Wah and there are very good pedals out there. But this one seems to combine them and you can also save presets which is SO GOOD when you play more than one bass!

Will buy one as soon as I've found out if you can blend between dry and wet so you can maintain the low end on certain sounds.

01-Nov-12 07:06 AM


Hi Steve, yes there is a control on the front panel which allows you to bend dry to wet from to 0% to 100%. I should have made that clearer in the review as it is especially pertinent to bass players to retain low end. And yes Rapscallion, using it with Ableton is loads of fun when you mess with the LFO sync!

01-Nov-12 07:20 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Thanks Gaz,

just preordered it!

This is gonna be damn funky! Glad I'm playing in two Funk Bands here in Berlin...

Does anyone know when it will be rolling out? You seem to be the only one to own it right now.

01-Nov-12 08:04 AM

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