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Steven Slate's Massive Touchscreen Console
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RP    Said...

Think in post production of this promo I might have chosen to edit out the shot at 3:00 mins that shows the biggest weakness with this stuff, reflection of lights in the surface. But damn fine product.

30-Oct-12 01:46 PM

CR78    Said...

Nick, intersting discussion for tomorrow's Sonictalk.....? ;)

30-Oct-12 08:57 PM

Blind as a Bat    Said...

I HATE it. Think about the blind producer. What is a blind person going to do with all of that wonderful VISUAL real estate...?!

Stevie Wonder -- I'm sorry for you, man. The world has gone completely apesnot.

30-Oct-12 10:16 PM

Geeky Disco    Said...

Use that for 3 or 4 hours in a row. Now tell me how heavy your arms feel.

31-Oct-12 07:00 AM

Chris    Said...

Geeky, I agree with you. The nice thing about having hardware controllers on your desk is that you can have something to rest your arms on. Other than that, this seems like quite an achievement for what it does. It will be interesting to read the reviews of this.

31-Oct-12 11:43 AM

Slate Pro Audio    Said...

Hi folks. The "sore arm" issue has come up and our answer is simple. You are not ALWAYS touching the screen! Touching is only part of the workflow, and most of the touching is at the bottom of the screen to work the transport and faders. We've had long sessions on the RAVEN MTX and it's been amazing! No glare on the screen if you aren't using large lights to shoot a video!

31-Oct-12 01:10 PM

andrew    Said...

I have had a semi hybrid version of this setup for a while now.

I have a 52 inch screen running win 8 x64 and below the screen is a desk with instruments and outboard.

This is definitely the way to go.

If slate prices these within reach of the average punter he will sell a truckload. I'm interested in his software only as I believe I can source all of my own equipment without buying into someone else's paradigm.


31-Oct-12 10:24 PM

BraveInk.    Said...

This thing is probably gonna cost as much as a new car, and altho its gonna be super nice to have its more likely gonna do the same things my Imac and pro tools 10 does. If its More then $5,000 i probably wont be considering buying it. Other then that Thumbs up!

27-Feb-13 03:44 PM

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