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Hardware Instrument For Ableton
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

Powered by USB! The APC 40 has grown up :)

26-Oct-12 10:34 AM

RP    Said...

Let the online Ableton Push Vs NI Maschine forum fights begin.

And, go

26-Oct-12 04:33 PM

montychristo86    Said...

@RP - Forget it, Push already won!

26-Oct-12 06:41 PM

A    Said...

Why such a lame demo song?

26-Oct-12 10:43 PM

Wildman    Said...

ITs a lame demo song because at the moment he is the only person that can use the push. LOL. I like this Ableton update, some good features added, max included n package, nice new hardware. Whats not to like?

27-Oct-12 05:37 AM

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