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So What Does The New iPad Mini Mean For Musicians?
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Velocipede    Said...

"Unless, of course, you want to develop the aforementioned method of performing on stage with the iPad Mini in one hand, perhaps 'devil horns' in the air with the other hand."

So, you play the iPad mini with… your tongue? Quick to the patent office for a capacitive tongue glove!

Really, though, I see this as another choice for using iOS apps. For many buyers, this will be a second iPad.

23-Oct-12 11:32 PM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

I think the mini will sit more comfortably on top of various keyboards and so on than the iPad does when used as some sort of controller, the form factor might appeal to a lot of people I think

24-Oct-12 02:47 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

It's got the new smaller connector like the new iPhone...and the iPad 4 promised soon probably will all the hardware that uses the old style dock connector won't work. Ugh...

24-Oct-12 05:53 AM

Brucie808    Said...

Apple did also announce a new lightning to camera usb adaptor yesterday. So it's going to be interesting to see if this alows you to connect midi interfaces and keyboards like the current 30 pin one does.

24-Oct-12 06:31 AM

marionne infante    Said...

is irig for guitars still compatible with ipad mini??

05-Nov-12 09:15 AM


how can i use my ipad mini with the ipb 10, i have the proper apple adapter, firmware aupgrade, but no go ? ! ? !

10-Mar-13 08:47 PM

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