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Sonic LAB: Line 6 StageScape M20D Digital Mixer
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Brian from USA    Said...

After years of being the only guy in a band who knows how to run the PA, this thing is mind boggling. The use of graphics will hamper an experienced engineer used as noted but for a novice this set up...esp if you use the Line 6 unbelievable. Will you be doing a followup on hoe the link thing works with the speakers or the phone apps for controlling monitor mixes?

23-Oct-12 10:25 AM

Nick B    Said...

No plans to Brian - but would be interested to see how they integrate.

23-Oct-12 10:44 AM

A Sound Designer    Said...

Looks too complicated for a novice, too "unique" in it's design for an engineer.

Is this a product without a market? Might it be good for small houses of worship (seems too complicated for the usual church people to operate)?

23-Oct-12 06:14 PM

james    Said...


29-Nov-12 07:15 PM

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