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Look! New Synths From Yamaha
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Synth_Fan    Said...

Yamaha - What are you doing? You have lost the plot. These are NOT synthesizers. What happened to your proud legacy - the GX1, CS80, GS1, DX1 & 7, SY77 & 99 and the VL1 among many other stunning synths? Yamaha - you're killing us with this UTTER junk. These are not even synthesizers - they're worse than the worst of the PSR Electrone home-organs.

Whomever is running the show in Yamaha "Synths" needs to be fired - they have obliterated any respectibility in the Yamaha name and any attempt to carry respectibility thourgh Motif; and have rendered a vast and stunning legacy essentially meaningless. Most of all Yamaha - stop calling these pieces of total rubbish "synths" - it-s an insult to all that synthesizers and your proud legacy stands for and you're givin all synths a bad name.

Yamaha - a devastatingly disappointing name in the 'synth' world despite your superlative legacy and otherwise awesome acoustic instrument and pro-audio equipment. Shame on you Yamaha from a synthesist stand point.

A rant I know - but it has to be said.

17-Oct-12 08:38 AM

Bobby    Said...

Great. Another spotty fucking twat has worked out how to hold a key and play a preset. Thanks man, just what we needed...

17-Oct-12 09:48 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Good to see the head of Yamaha Synths chime on this. Oh - and - thanks for being sophisticated in your argument - really helps clarify your mindset on this.

17-Oct-12 11:02 AM

Steveo    Said...

Synth-Fan is spot on .....a totally underwhelming release from Yamaha that NOBODY will buy. "It doesn't get better than this !" - you're having a laugh Yamaha , it get's much better than this - just go look at Nord , Access , Moog etc even Roland who also went to blandville are trying to inject "some" interest by incorporating some of their heritage. Yamaha could and should be doing MUCH better than this lame effort.

17-Oct-12 02:29 PM

Dutnakke    Said...

Boooooooooring! If you can't make anything new, at least make something that up there with the competition

17-Oct-12 03:03 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Yamaha recognizes that for most musicians (read "practically all") music is only a hobby, and not an especially rewarding one, and that the only clubs you'll be playing are the ones in your dreams.

17-Oct-12 03:45 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@I Don't Like Music:

Thanks for confirming my basic point - that Yamaha are aiming so pathetically low these days. Also interesting to note that you have no dreams - why do you even bother?

17-Oct-12 04:11 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Synth_Fan: You owe Bobby an apology for unloading on him because the "twat" he was referring to was the guy in the promo video and not you. That said: you are kind of a twat.

17-Oct-12 04:40 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Do I sense a tad bit of sarcasm from SonicState in the title and first sentence in this article?

I guess I wouldn't mind a "synth" like this to compete with the budget Korgs and Rolands because I would be in the market for a go to, bread and butter keyboard to complement actual synthesizers. My biggest concern is the inability of these kits to be fully programmed synth-wise from the panel with out a pc.

17-Oct-12 05:25 PM

Nick B    Said...

Actually, no sarcasm intended - we were more just surprised that they just appeared with no warning. I know its hard to see this as any kind of innovation, but this synth engine does actually sound pretty good. I will be interested to see the editing and actual synthesis capabillities are.

17-Oct-12 05:50 PM

dutnakke    Said...

So - how this even begin to compete with the Korg Krome?

17-Oct-12 07:13 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

At the very least this was the worst promo video of... well... EVER!

17-Oct-12 07:19 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@I don't like music: thanks - I completely misread that.

@Bobby: sincerest apologies - I misinterpreted your comments and though you were taking me down! apologies for being sarcastic.

Back on track - it's at least refreshing to see so many comments - it indicates people care about quality instruments. I hope Yamaha take note, because that do have a nincredible legacy of synths and make stunning acoustics instruments, mixers ans do on.

18-Oct-12 03:14 AM

Sketch Da Shaman/Beken One    Said...

I used to rely on Yamaha for years! their last real product was and still is the RS7000. please, I beg you, WAKE UP!

18-Oct-12 04:11 AM

Sam Mallery    Said...

Wow. Brutal crowd. It's hard to defend Yamaha after watching such an insultingly terrible promotional video. I've never seen an actor drink a mug of tea so unconvincingly in my life. But, I feel the need to throw Yamaha a bone. You have to admit that their HS80M near-field montiors are really nice. I would love to have a set.

18-Oct-12 10:31 AM

eXode    Said...


I agree with your posts but I think that the AN1x and the FS1R deserve to be on that list as well. The FS1R is mad (in a good way) and the AN1x is imho one of the best (if not THE best) sounding VA's ever.

18-Oct-12 10:47 AM

selercs    Said...

This does suck bad. Yamaha catering to Lady GagGag Justin ByeBye, Nicky Sinaj, and Katy Empty teenie bopper crowd...ugh!

Kudos to Roland for releasing a real synth in the Integra-7...although I wish that had a Mac Logic editor.

18-Oct-12 12:25 PM

Jo    Said...

This is an entry level instrument that will satisfy man hobbyist, part time players, or even pro's, to be their second keyboard, and why not even first. Can you imagine, now you have 166MB of waves with 128 polyphony for cheap, and just imagine how it was like 20 years ago. Aren't you thankful? Be thankful. And if you don't buy or play entry level instruments, you better don't comment on them.

18-Oct-12 03:12 PM

Dutnakke    Said...

@ Jo - well yes, but for cheap you can have an over 4Gb sampleset, color touch screen, 16 part multi timbrality in layers, as well as the 128 note polyphony, in a better looking instrument made of aluminum rather than plastic. If it doesn't HAVE to be a Yamaha. It seems Yamaha forgot to look at the competition

18-Oct-12 03:18 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Jo - that's fine, but not if it's the _only_ sort of instrument that Yamaha pedal, and specifically, dare to call these synthesizers. Don't Electrone home keyboards address what you're proposing? And - there are many great synthesizers out there that are very cost effective.

Yamaha are flooding the market with this junk. The paradox is that their acoustic instrument, pro-audio gear, silent range, and yes, Tyros and Motif, are all excellent.

But for the past decade, someone high up in Yamaha has decided to abandon and plunder their truly wondrous legacy of synthesizer design and production. For sure synthesizers of the past didn't sell well; but Yamaha 'did' synthesizers in a particularly exquisite way. Check out any web site outlining that legacy. So the question is - is all innovation in designing revolutionary instruments done? Has a company with the resources of Yamaha nothing to contribute to this? Well, with the current crop (in my opinion) of lousy, vision-less designers, Yamaha have squandered a huge and significant legacy in synthesizer design. That's fine, but they should not keep churning out the utter and total junk like these devices are and call them synthesizers. I'm not being particularly purist about it - it's just Yamaha's standards in this regard are now _so_ low that surely they should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves; and these devices are simply NOT synthesizers in any way that synthesists would recognise. It is truly staggering how far they have fallen from their golden era, yet as said, paradoxically, they continue to release stunning acoustic instruments and pro audio gear.

18-Oct-12 04:53 PM

selercs    Said...

Yamaha is the only mega-workstation company that is not producing real synths...Korg/Roland are ahead in this lead.

And someone above tried to bring Access and Moog into the equation...please, they are just synths without any real-world sounds.

Comparing apples with apples, Korg/Roland are eons ahead of Yamaha.

18-Oct-12 05:33 PM

Jim Pinel    Said...

I'll stick with my CS6X & RM1X. Heck, the Juno DI is at least got a USB media / SMF player. Why are all the synth companies cutting on important thing like multiple outputs and dedicated click track outs. Some bands actually use live drummers alongside sequenced material when giging.

19-Oct-12 11:10 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with Jim on this one.. How about companies omitting aftertouch??

20-Oct-12 12:52 PM

dokido    Said...

thats what I need, a 49 keyboard, hope the sounds are as good as mox

15-Nov-12 01:37 AM

Laurent    Said...

PCM synthesis is....synthesis...You can built "synthesize" sounds from basic oscillators. This MX is an entry level rompler with 166Mb of waves. My 20 years old Roland JV80 is still in use and you know....the Rom is only 4mB large. I have great fun playing this JV80....

11-Dec-12 11:34 AM

Soundnavigator    Said...

As a synth collector and player for 30 years I will look at the MX subjectively as my next live board. It seems to tick all of the boxes except after touch. At a live level just how many knobs do you actually need? My knob laden synths will never leave my studio so perhaps this is the live beast I am looking for. Great pianos etc so might fit the bill

28-Dec-12 06:58 PM

Johnny    Said...

Mx series does have a smf and wave file player ( no load time ) . No mp3 player (has aux jack).

10 lbs .

30-Dec-12 08:08 PM

John    Said...

Yamaha has to work on the price. To compete with Korg Krome (999$) with sequencer , GB ROM, etc. roland Juno di sells (smf/wave/mp 3 player,larger display,same weight,battery operated) sells for 699$. Price should be 599$ and it will have no competition.

30-Dec-12 08:41 PM

Musician    Said...

this a definitely buy for me, i need extremely portable light-weighted keyboard,and has all around preset, As gigging musicians,this seems much suitable for me than korg krome, I dont really need those sequencer. Can't wait to try it

16-Jan-13 08:17 AM

johnpall    Said...

Hi to all the guys who want old analogue sounds go and buy something that suits you, i myself need a good gig Synth that i make money from, features like wav/mp3 backing track playback means one less thing to bring to a gig.

But when i'm home i use all the great plug ins i have in Logic Audio + 3rd party plugs like Omnisphere, korg, N.I. etc they satisfy me and i used to own all the old Korg,Roland & Prophet synths the plugs come close in terms of faithful reproduction.

01-Feb-13 09:17 PM

Coverbandwhore    Said...

I'm going to buy one. The keybed feels sturdy...I hear sounds in the keyboard close enough to what I hear on the radio from the 80's to now. With the knobs for 12 different real time adjustments... This thing should do just fine.

03-Feb-13 10:43 AM

Greg Fredericks    Said...

I also, didn't like the video.....if someone is able to wave their arms around live, they are obviously not performing live correctly. On the flip side....I have been playing music for money for over 30 years. I have liked the Motifs more than most other keyboards available because they made my work easier and sound better to my ears than competing synths....I could quickly find top notch sounds for covers & originals fast and not lose my stream of thought. The Motif racks have all frustrated me live as they are so clumsy to use compared to the keyboard versions and had no USB storage without a computer. The 88 key Motifs made me hate moving gear as they were so big and heavy (HUGE is a better word). As I get older I appreciate lighter gear. I use a Yamaha P70 piano which is 30 pounds for my bottom keyboard (and can even use the synth's wheels and controllers when playing the synth from it) and a Korg Karma for my top keys, but didn't like having to use a Motif rack with my bottom keyboard or haul a Motif with keys. The MO6 & MOX6 came out and I hated the 64 note polyphony....I like layering sounds big time. The MX49 & MX61 are a super easy to move solution for me (also because I don't have a lot of money to spend....many bills}. Finally an actual keyboard with Motif XS sounds and 128 note polyphony that is cheap. I'm sure these will be much easier to find sounds on than a Motif rack. Even though none of the Motifs really qualify as "synths", with layering and filter data and EG's & effects, you can quickly make what you need. When I was younger, I was obsessed with making sounds no other human had ever heard, I realize that there have been soooooo many keyboards and synths made in the last 50 years that almost anything you make probably sounds similar to many sounds floating around out there that have been heard plenty. For my original songs, I still always make my sounds from scratch, but for playing covers in a bar, I prefer being able to make accurate sounds quickly which I can do on a Motif. I don't mind making my sounds at home before a show (when I'm doing my practicing for a show) so using a computer editor with an MX is kinda the price in using a budget synth. I remember when the SY55 synth cost more new than these MX synths and boy is that pathetic by comparison....16 note polyphony, 62 presets and 62 user presets (the last 2 in each bank were drums) and no storage with out a wallet busting sound card or a computer.....on top of this, an SY55 only had like 74 waveforms. I could EASILY walk on a stage with only a MX61 which I have set up before the show, and using a thumbdrive to hold my setups, I can keep up with any band.....and it weighs 10 pounds. If someone needs more sounds than that to play, Houston, I think we have a problem. I do take 2 or 3 synths to my shows, but I'm just saying that I could get by with ONLY an MX61 and nothing else. I also avoid taking my more expensive gear to bars....I'd hate to have to kill someone for screwing it up. You can set up an MX61 just as good as a regular Motif with the editor. Sure you only have 128 voice & 128 performance user locations, but since it doesn't sample, I bet you can load other banks of 128 at lightning speed (I think the original DX7 had like 32 user sound locations and you couldn't load more instantly from a USB stick). I remember when there weren't inexpensive, lightweight keys you could use for gigs. I remember when you had to lay out $3000 to approach the sound quality of a Motif and the acoustic piano sounds ALWAYS sucked. We live in the best time in can take 1000's of dollars in keys to every show if you want, but it's nice to know that you don't NEED to.

27-Feb-13 11:11 PM

Greg Fredericks    Said...

One thing I didn't mention.....the "Real" Motifs could be improved (built in hard drives to serve the same purpose as the new flash boards, built in CD burner, making the 88 key boards so they are only a couple inches wider than the keys) and other things I'm sure, but just the same, the sound quality of the Motifs is sooooo much more brilliant than the Korg and Roland offerings...I would have paid $8000 for a Motif XF8 in the 80's. If a sound isn't in there, sample it. We are so lucky to have these boards available to us. If the Motif isn't your thing, we also have an extensive list of alternatives to choose from. I would never want to go back to having only the keyboards that were available in the 80's & 90's.

28-Feb-13 02:32 AM

Malukinho    Said...

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28-Feb-13 11:27 PM

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05-Mar-13 11:42 PM

Peter K.    Said...

My Motif ES always allowed me to get the sounds I needed easily. With plug in boards, it was a great system.

I think for my money, I'd get a 73 key Krome if I were looking for a low-mid price range keyboard. We do live in good times, however.

12-Mar-13 12:44 AM

Greg Fredericks    Said...

My Motif ES is my newest Motif and what I consider to be my best synth right now.

12-Mar-13 03:38 PM

Joe    Said...

Find a kb that plays SMF and wave with that light weight and controller features.Juno di comes close (good piano/batt operation/mp3 play) but other sounds really sucked hard compared to this.Ps 60 too synthy with still Shitty piano/sax and gtrs. Good job Yamaha.Now ,sell mx 61 for 699.not 799.

23-May-13 02:27 AM

Mozart    Said...

3.8 Kg - THAT is what this synth is about - don't rant Yamaha for not designing any real synths anymore - I'm happy they made a small Motif type thing that's easy to carry around.

09-Aug-13 05:11 PM

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