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Gibson's 110th Birthday: Five of the Best Obscure Gibson Models
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Wayne Dulles    Said...

Don't know if I can agree with your assessment of the EDS-1275. John McLauglin played it before Jimmy Page did -- many blues/jazz guys did (Earl Hooker is another that comes to mind.) After Page's custom one was built many other rock guitarists took it up as a way to get multi tones without having to switch instruments. Better pickup and amp technology has more or less obviated the need for a doubleneck, which is a huge and unwieldy thing to carry around on stage, but Gibson still makes them after nearly 50 years. So not sure anybody's getting laughed off stage for having one.

13-Oct-12 04:18 PM

madmax    Said...

I have to agree with Wayne on the EDS-1275. There is no way it's obscure. Besides being rare, obscure means that not many people know about it. Also, the Melody Maker shouldn't be on the list. What about Gibson's attempts at entering the superstrat market?

24-Oct-12 02:49 PM

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