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Sonic Touch Ep 16 -PPG Wave Generator
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gaz    Said...

lads, very enjoyable show as usual. To get ios apps on the cheap put them on a wishlist in Then you get a notification when there is a price drops. I've used it for many apps, you'd be surprised how many one day only sales there are.

i'd like to see some reviews of traditional drum machines for the ipad. also interesting is more info on midi-interfaces for connecting external keys.

BTW, my dad has a mint MS-20 sitting in it's original box inside his wardrobe where it has been in storage since 1978. It has been used but only at home for a few months. i'm guessing that this is probably the best preserved example in the world.

I might be able to persuade him to let it go and he lives fairly close to you. i suspect you guys or your contacts might be interested and i would be chuffed to see it go to a good home.


11-Oct-12 01:36 PM

Wildman    Said...

Another enjoyable watch guys. I agree with the previous post...a look at external devices for connecting up different devices would be interesting. I remember a couple years back there was an intriguing interface that allowed different connections like usb, wifi, midi etc but the name now escapes me and i cant seem to find any info on it anymore...might of never got off the ground. The ability to use the ipad as a jam station for multiple players/external devices is of interest. Sonic Touch Ep 17- The Ipad ensemble

11-Oct-12 06:42 PM

shane    Said...

more of that ipad music please

16-Oct-12 10:23 AM

andre    Said...

i was amazed when you mentioned please make synths use the whole screen like synthx which was the first thing i noticed PPG does & you played a wobble bass preset that only starts wobbling when you move up the screen,i realise its not up to the standard on synthx but depending on how you use routing the keys, my best sounds are normally coming when im moving fingers around the screen on ppg,try total random preset,i think wolfgang calls it after touch

28-Oct-12 12:43 PM

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