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A Grand Piano On Your iPad
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RP    Said...

IK Multigreedia could have released this as a pack for the IOS Sampletank for $4.99, but then that wouldn't be keeping with their consistent theme to try and squeeze as much money as they can from folks.

I would advise anyone thinking of getting this to wait a few weeks when they will absolutely have a 50% sale.

Apologies for the bitterness, stung too many times by this company

11-Oct-12 03:20 PM

JJ    Said...

I totally agree on the IK Milking scheme. Stay away!

12-Oct-12 06:39 AM

TvMediaKing    Said...

the ik piano sounds like a toy piano, why would anyone actually pay for this? a cracker jack piano from a disco company... buyer beware, these guys have the absolute worst reputation no matter who you talk to. just another childish marketing scheme from Engreedo one of the owners, no news here.

12-Oct-12 05:38 PM

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