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New THR10C THR5A and THR10X Amps From Yamaha
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Mark    Said...

You can hear serious buzz when he stops playing. That was the reason I returned my THR5. It had way too much noise. No tube amp I own was ever that noisey.

Too bad since the concept is good otherwise. But a little overpriced.

19-Oct-12 10:03 PM

Jake    Said...

Early THR models had a faulty/noisy power adapter. That issue has long been fixed. I have had mine for half a year and there is no noise/buzz.

26-Oct-12 10:30 AM

Rob    Said...

I think he means you can hear it in this video. Real tube amps have a little buzz/hum as well but the difference is that they are also much louder so it seems disproportionate that you can hear it here.

03-Dec-12 10:26 PM

Rick    Said...

Have auditioned twice (12/2012)at GC and watched several current videos on the 10 and 10c. Often has strong buzz , especially on lead or where more than moderate gain used. Distracting.

21-Dec-12 01:52 AM

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