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Moog The Source - A Synth I Always Wanted
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s r dhain (juicyaudio)    Said...

a MEMORYMOOG..preferably a LAMM'D one, as the std ones can be a nightmare from past experience ( one burst into flames internally, whilst i was using it). Power, mystery and the hammer of the gods, as they say.

07-Oct-12 04:58 PM

Jam Jar Jimmy    Said...

My first synth was a Moog Prodigy but I really wanted a Pro-One.

Apart from having a short go on one in the shop on the day I picked up my Prodigy, I've never used one.

07-Oct-12 05:50 PM

jabels    Said...

Maybe not the most oldschool, but I think a Nord Stage 2 would be the most useful thing for me. Given that I enjoy playing most any kind of music, being able to do piano, organ, and synth in one box with a weighted 88 keyboard would be ideal.

A close second would definitely be an OP-1, just cause it seems like such a great all-in-one songmaking tool. My friend has one and the sounds I've heard from it are unlike anything I've heard elsewhere.

07-Oct-12 06:11 PM

robgs    Said...

A Prophet 5 for me, but I'll settle a anything by Dave Smith

07-Oct-12 06:57 PM

Spiderbox    Said...

1. ARP -Quadra 2.moog source(it is very much a classic) 3. OBH-8 voice

yeah i think the lay out of this source is fun,so is the quadra, but i feel that its too much for my mixes as well, I am a sucker for nice crisp multi layered pads(wow..It sounds as if I am a tampon collecter/lover). But yeah I would take it over the mini moog and it would be my first go-to mono

07-Oct-12 11:12 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

For me the top analoge synth I have right now is a Prophet 08. Eight voices of pure analog bliss. I have been able to duplicate just about any sound out there with this synth. My dream synth to own would be a brand new Two Voice Pro from Oberheim. Older synths have maintenance issues and I do not have time for that as a working musician.

08-Oct-12 06:58 AM

Rapscallion    Said...

I must also put The Source as one of my top analog wants . I have a bro who has one and its definitely got balls in the sound dept. None of the immediacy of the mini or the Voyager(of which I own one) but as an additional voice of programmable fatness(or weirdness)that would trounce the Fatty for just a bit more $. I've always wanted a EMS Synthi for some reason as well its just so ... damn cool looking ! And if Eno is any indicator then its at least a killer effect to have around ;) I wouldn't hate on a nice Memorymoog either....or a Jupiter 8 ....or a Waldorf Wave.

08-Oct-12 12:10 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Definitely the Synthi-A/VCS-3 for me! :-)

08-Oct-12 04:34 PM

Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue Blog)    Said...

I have also always wanted a source. I really like the colour scheme, and New Order used the bollocks out of it on their first recordings. I also like the fact that it's shiny and metallic, and not woody like other moogs. But it's got the Minimoog sound, for sure.

08-Oct-12 06:33 PM

hirundo    Said...

I'm not an "analogue-only" purist, but it would be the Jupiter 8 for me, hands down. The sound of my coming of age.

09-Oct-12 03:32 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Marko makes the best videos!

I'd probably want a high end ARP like an Odyssey, just because no one has replicated that sound yet in their filter like DSI, Moog, and now Oberheim have.

A Memorymoog Plus would be amazing, and/or a nice Oberheim poly synth like the OB-Xa.

I'd love a Jupiter 8 but I do have a great JP-6, so that must be at least in the neighbourhood???

09-Oct-12 03:19 PM

hirundo    Said...

There's a nice-looking Source on eBay now, located in Reading Berkshire, GB.

10-Oct-12 03:44 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

I wouldn't mind having my Odyssey back. I traded it off for a Kawai K5, what an idiot.

11-Oct-12 06:54 AM

eXode    Said...

For me it's the Yamaha CS-80. It's such a wonderful instrument with such wonderful articulation.

11-Oct-12 02:59 PM

DBM    Said...

Ob xpander .

12-Oct-12 05:53 AM

Howie    Said...

ARP Odyssey :-)

13-Oct-12 10:19 AM

JK Richards    Said...

OBERHEIM EIGHT VOICE! Time to mortgage the house...

17-Dec-12 08:18 AM

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