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The Killers: Guitar Bands Are Not Writing Good Enough Songs
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ecsqh    Said...

perhaps the ex drummer wrote it all

28-Sep-12 07:38 AM

FritzGillis    Said...

I wrote a pretty damn good rock tune if these knucklehead engineers would ever get done with mixing it gdmit.

But in all seriousness, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Horrors took the balls out of rock. They were pretty good punk-sensible bands and to hit the mainstream they gained electro-sensibility.

And while I like 'Its Blitz" and "Primary Colours"...there's no balls in these albums.

So yeah, ever since 2009 most of the sensible hard rocking bands have either not been so hard rocking or not so rocking at all.

Interpol can't write anymore. The Killers are self-admitabley boring. The Arctic Monkey's have a new interesting direction but its hardly focused. QOTSA is sitting on their new album till we all think its stupid...

I'm losing focus here. Anyway, 2009 marked the end of an era of great indie guitar bands with great punk rock sensibility. The past 3 years have not seen that and it looks to me like we are in a back loaded '90s style where the hell is Nirvana sort of lull.


01-Oct-12 11:59 PM

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