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Distortion And Tone Shaper
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Gman    Said...

I just do not like digital distortion at all. Plugins can not reproduce a good warm analog distortion for some reason. Maybe because they are digital :)

27-Sep-12 09:22 AM

loneraver    Said...

FXpansion make the most analog sounding pluggins I've ever used. Synth Squad is the warmest, most analog sounding VST I've ever heard and Etch is the best sounding standalone filter pluggin I own.

I also don't like digital distortion all that much. No matter what I do, they always sound cold and nasty. That said, this video did sound pretty musical and those tone shaping modulations seem interesting.

I might give it a try. Hopefully it'll be up to their usual high standard.

27-Sep-12 01:02 PM

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