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Sonic Touch Ep 15 - DrumJam and Impaktor
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mjtuR    Said...

Great review guys and I agree those 2 apps look fantastic. Afer the drumjam review, I cynically thought to myself, 'all this needs now is an upgrade to allow the ipad to turn into one of these instruments in real life'. Then when I saw the Impaktor review and thought, "hey they only need to incorporate that technology into the Drumjam and I may never use a percussion instrument again"!

26-Sep-12 05:46 AM

Dolphono    Said...

I've learnt my lesson with the iPod Touches version 1 & 2. One year after purchasing iPod touch 1. Apple made my unit obsolete. I updated an app and the app stated that it was not compatible with my version of iPod Touch. WTF??? So, I reluctantly purchased the iPod 2.

Then the iPad came out. I have yet to purchase an iPad, although I've purchased apps for it. lol

I will be getting the iPad 3 pretty soon and I will never update my apps once the iPad 4 is released. iPad 3 shall be my final Apple purchase. Bricking old tech is not a solid business model, although Apple has many suckers that'll continue to devour their products, thus supporting such "mean" business model. I will not be among them.

26-Sep-12 12:25 PM

Wildman    Said...


I agree with your comments Apple are trashing tech too quickly....but staying on the Ipad 3 will be hard. You will have to shut yourself off from the media and you certainly won't be able to watch sonictouch anymore, otherwise you will always be tempted to upgrade, with all the latest apps and gadgets. I think Nick and Gaz do a great show but i will say that they also need to think carefully about moaning too much about apple superseding tech too quickly, because it sends out a message that we shouldn't be buying into this tech and then it kind of goes against the show you are producing, as you need tech to move on, to have a show in the 1st place!

27-Sep-12 04:35 AM

Gaz Williams    Said...

Hi Wildman, I see your point but I'd also like to separate myself a little from Apple's relentless corporate shenanigans. Apple have this habit of killing support for older devices and I see the lifespan of their products being reduced which is concerning. I think they should support at minimum 3 generations and to see them cut the iPad 1 already is verging on the unacceptable. I am not in Apple's pocket in anyway and reserve the right to criticise.

27-Sep-12 06:01 AM

qsq6Q    Said...

Hi Gaz,

I thought I would be useful to give another perspective. AS I myself over the years have lost thousands of pounds on technology not working or being superseded and I think the problem is always there with technology. I agree though Gaz you do have the right to criticise. In fact you need criticism to change the corporate mind of Apple. As I said previously they are trashing tech too quickly. In fact weighing up the fine line between criticizing Apple and putting people off buying the products is difficult. I will say that you have got it right and that speaking out is the only way forward as Apple could well kill of their own products with their unwise decision making. Perhaps Apple is now becoming the gadget for the rich. The only place you will see them soon is people using them on trains and planes!

27-Sep-12 07:28 AM

Gaz    Said...

Great show I will no doubt be acquiring both apps later this evening. Cheers.

07-Oct-12 01:14 PM

gaz    Said...

btw, there is a similar app already out there. granted, it doesn't have the physical modelling, it only comes with a few drumkit samples. However, the app can learn to recognise different audio sounds and map a sound to each sample which is a nice feature.

07-Oct-12 02:49 PM

gaz again    Said...

oh, the app is tabledrum :)

07-Oct-12 02:50 PM

Miguel Marcos    Said...

Would love for you guys to invite someone from Sonosaurus, for example, to come to the show and talk about their app, how it was built, how to get the most out of it.

And... many thanks for so many great shows!

12-Oct-12 06:03 AM

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