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Tom Morello Blasts UKIP Leader For 'Racist' Use of RATM
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Tom    Said...

Tom Morello. You are obviously an idiot. UKIP are not 'racist' in any way whatsoever. Read their manifesto, read what what they wish for the UK and realise that you were wrong. Think before you speak, you are in the public eye.

23-Sep-12 12:00 PM

Bob    Said...

Sure, not racist, just anti-immigrant and anti non-Anglo. (laughs)

What a bunch of twazzers

23-Sep-12 01:09 PM

Lee    Said...

Small government, personal liberty, ending government surveillance, an end to foreign wars, scrapping taxes for the poorest in society....

Exactly which of those policies does he have a problem with, or is just acting like an ill-informed spoiled brat?

23-Sep-12 01:59 PM

Rick    Said...

What has the size of RATM's fan base got to do with it? Very weak.

Also, UKIP can be weird but they don't seem to be racist.

23-Sep-12 04:13 PM

Shaun    Said...

UKIP oppose a European nation state, I don't see where race comes into play. Many of the members are non-white. The party also propose closer links with the Commonwealth which is far less white than the EU. But I guess bigots see what they want to see.

23-Sep-12 07:27 PM

Bill    Said...

RATM is against one machine (independent, pro-liberty movements), but not against the communist machine, it seems.

24-Sep-12 01:46 PM

Simon    Said...

To me the issue may be the potential breaking of broadcast law by UKIP in using the song without RATM or presumably the copyright owner's consent, a political conference would certainly be deemed as broadcast. Vote UKIP, elect criminals... (not that the rest are any better)

24-Sep-12 01:51 PM

Will    Said...

Mr Morello, worry about your own country's politics before talking about ours, thank you very much.

24-Sep-12 01:52 PM

pete    Said...

hey tom, UKIP basically hide racist propaganda behind an anti EU message

"The tide of mass EU immigration has pushed down wages and restricted job opportunities. Only by leaving the EU can we regain control of our borders."


"UKIP chair Christopher Monckton had called on the far-right British Freedom Party to “come back and join” UKIP" incase you didnt know BFP is the BNP

get your facts straight. read for you self before you just accept what someone tells you.

im sure hitler didnt think he was racist.

in regards to the actual article, its funny that farage actually might think that he can even compare to rage as far as influence goes. rage has sold over 16 million albums. UKIP took just over 4 million votes in the european elections. which is fuck all really.

24-Sep-12 02:23 PM

cr    Said...

The left wing are the machine nowadays with their ideological victory of cultural marxism, political correctness and multiculturalism. The right are now the revolutionaries get with it Morello duh!!!

14-Oct-12 01:58 AM

Alex    Said...

You UKIPers need to stop drinking the kook-aid. Part of a revolution? Just another bunch of reactionary right wing shrills who will prop up the same bullshit politics and people that are in power now - you are part of the problem not the solution.

17-Nov-13 09:44 AM

Ray    Said...

If my info is correct, Morello is half Kenyan. Farage would Not want to live next door to morello's parent, as Morellos Parent would be of "Sub Standard Quality" & a speaker of a "Foreign language", which makes Farage Very uncomfortable, especially if one is of the "Wrong Colour". You cant have it both ways Farage, so DONT use morellos Tune!!

22-May-14 11:09 AM

Fraser,    Said...

UKIP are racist, homophobic, sexist bigots and it a sorry state that apparent normal people seem to vote for them.*

* FYI above is based on facts. Both from statements from UKIP candidates and party policy.

22-May-14 12:15 PM

Nigel Farage's garage.    Said...

UKIP are a bunch of clowns: unfortunately your average mouth-breathing imbecile likes clowns. Forunately two things should limit UKIPs performance in today's Euro-election:

1. It's raining. 2. Most the mouth-breathing imbeciles that would vote for them couldn't find their own arse with both hands and a map, never mind their local polling station.

22-May-14 12:50 PM

Hardcorr    Said...

If a successful political activist musician requests of a party not to use his music then the musician's wishes should be respected. It's quite plain in the band's lyrics that they are anti-fascist. It's pretty typical of Farage to respond to any criticism with immature obnoxious comments. I really would rather a man of his ilk would not represent our great country.

22-May-14 01:03 PM

NOUKIP    Said...

What are you all on about. UKIP is right-wing, they have been cited as Racist. Yeah sure they don't wave the Nazi flag and goose step but their focus and ideals share the same roots. Give the public someone to blame,let's say immigration and unite them by waving the flag. Last time I checked the Nazi's did the same thing to get into power.

22-May-14 01:09 PM

Karen    Said...

I take it all you Tom Morello haters have taken the time to find out what he and rage are about? No? Maybe that's why you are supporting a party who claim the maximum expenses, have the worst attendance record and vote no to things that are in the interests of the UK!

22-May-14 02:10 PM

ryan    Said...

UKIP are right-wing thatcherist's they are a party of "the machine" it makes no sense for them to use this music.

and as a party UKIP do lean to racism, not in the same direct way as BNP for example but their policies do encourage segregation and the blame culture that everything problem of the uk is due to foreigners. whilst ignoring the fact that its american corporations not paying tax and bankers. the real root of our issues is austerity!! and funnily enough without the EU we will be vulnerable to more and more american corporation buy outs thanks to the new TTIT agreement.

many individual members are racist with ties with extreme right BNP and EDL they try to deny it but there history is there downfall.

yes there are issues with the EU but instead of voting for these right wing nut jobs vote no2eu or greens who are aiming for reform of the eu.

22-May-14 03:24 PM

Matt    Said...

Nobody cool likes UKIP. Fact. UKIP represent the worst of capitalism. UKIP wont change jack shit. They represent the far-right, they are basically Tories on steroids. The 3 main parties (and UKIP) all pretty much represent the same neoliberal ideologies with some slight differences. Deregulation of banking system, privatisation, globalisation, tax cuts for corporations and the rich, scrapping of worker's rights etc etc etc. Anyone with any political sense (Tom Morello included) knows this. UKIP are about to pull off the biggest con in the history of UK politics and many working-class left-leaners are victims to it. I would feel sorry for them, if I wasn't so angry at them for being so stupid as it effects us all.

Then some people argue that UKIP are not racist. Well they are certainly prejudiced and old fashioned. They are a party of luddites. People talk about smear campaigns. But in the age of clickbait journalism, their insane comments are gold dust to the media. I don't see any other party doing ridiculous things like:

They are racist because their members do things like...

* Tell black celebrities to go and live in a black country * Refer to ethnic countries as "bongo bongo land" * Claim that all Romanians are criminals * Tweet selfies of themselves doing the nazi salute

All things these people had absolutely no problem admitting to the public. Farage profiles people by race. He judges entire nationalities by the actions of a few, and whichever way you cut it, that's racist.

Don't fall victim to the UKIP con. They are Margaret Thatcher.

22-May-14 05:19 PM

Steve Cheney    Said...

Since people who I am sure normally use this site all the time are queuing up to tell you all how non-racist UKIP are, I figure I should pop my head around the door to say, no, they're not racist.

They just encourage people to blame everything on foreigners in so that they will vote for a far-right party that serves only the interests of the rich at the expense of the poor. And sure, they attract a lot of racists. But apparently that means they're not racist.

They *are* homophobic though. Moreover, while Farage has attempted to tackle accusations of racism, he doesn't really bother with homophobia - the best he can be bothered with is to say "yeah, well, we're old, how can you expect us not to hate gays?"

(Incidentally, Nigel Farage is only one year older than Tom Morello, and the same age as Johnny Depp. I enjoy mentioning it because some people might likewise forgive him some of his nasty right-wing bigotry because they think he's old; but he's really not, and according to his teachers at his expensive public school, he was always like that, even as a teenager.)

Still, for those bleating "NOT RACIST", I wonder if you have bothered to look into RATM. You'll find that they're not just anti-racist - they're also against pretty much every other thing that UKIP stand for - as a matter of policy, not merely conjecture - so I think they have every right to complain.

22-May-14 05:21 PM

Steve Cheney    Said...

"1. It's raining. 2. Most the mouth-breathing imbeciles that would vote for them couldn't find their own arse with both hands and a map, never mind their local polling station."

3. They're convinced that their party being at the bottom of the ballot (because parties are sorted alphabetically) is some kind of conspiracy to make sure that UKIP voters can't find their party.

4. Someone folded the ballot papers in half and this seems to have confused them.


22-May-14 05:23 PM

Pete The Punk    Said...

Not racist? Somebody's got their idiots mixed up, I'd say...

22-May-14 05:39 PM

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