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iOS6 Out Today - Some Thoughts
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Atomic Shadow    Said...

I wonder if the Microsoft surface will have Apple leaning the wrong way here? It will have USB and run full blown Windows. Any serious musician already has some sort of small audio/midi interface. That and a Surface tablet and you are running Reaper or Cubase with all of your VSTs that you already own, while us iPad users are still using the cutdown form of GarageBand.

19-Sep-12 07:20 AM

Get Real    Said...

Sounds like ad Advertisment. This is about IOS6, not microsoft. People who realy enjoy Apple will always use Apple. Not really heard of microsoft preselling 2 million of anything in 24 hours!

19-Sep-12 09:10 AM

Wildman    Said...

I don't think the original comment sounded like an advertisement. I am an Apple fanboy but what he says make sense. Apple need to take care as the wrong move now can have repercussions years down the line. I think if a microsoft tablet was powerful enough to run those windows daws it might tempt people onto the format, I would certainly have a look and im a heavy Logic user.

19-Sep-12 09:34 AM

raphus    Said...

I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with having to reconfigure my entire music-making setup every few years. The whole point of softsynths is supposed to be convenience and low cost, but every time an OS update happens--which is pretty often--the specter of incompatability (and inconvenience) raises its head. Two or three OS updates later, and I have to replace the hardware (costing money).

I would be very interested in a multi-year study analyzing the amounts of money and time electronic musicians spend on logistics of maintaining their setups and instruments, comparing those who use mostly hardware to those who use mostly software.

19-Sep-12 10:27 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

Raphus you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly why I no longer use soft synths because every time you turn around there is another upgrade and you have to pay and pay again. My Moog works the same today as it did 15 years ago when I purchased it. And it has real knobs. As for my DAW I freeze it at the time it is purchased and never upgrade the OS or the DAW software. Freezing your software can make your studio last 5-6 years or longer depending on the quality of the computer. I have a Mac Pro right now that has been frozen for over 6 years. Everything works like the day I purchased it. This way I spend more time making music.

19-Sep-12 11:45 AM

Wildman    Said...

I agree with your sentiments. But sometimes you need to upgrade. I have just purchased a new laptop because i want to start editing HD video and my old laptop wouldnt cope. So sometimes there is no choice.

19-Sep-12 11:51 AM

Sam Mallery    Said...

The old 30-pin dock connector had been around since 2003, I think. That's a pretty long run for a mobile device port, considering how much that market has changed in the intervening years. Apple is just going to keep driving forward, and sometimes ports gotta go. I wasn't aware that they nixed an analog audio connection. Bummer. If you're in the business of making hardware products for Apple devices, change is a big part of the game.

19-Sep-12 12:45 PM

pSynrg    Said...

USB has been around since 1996. It has evolved and is BACKWARD compatible! Oh dear, it's a little bit fiddly sometimes when it's the wrong way round. Can you appleites not deal with turning a connector around? Windows/PCs at least respect what we already have... Lightning is nice on its own - but to piss on everything you've got for an apple exclusive adapter is just the biggest money grab ever.

19-Sep-12 12:52 PM

jason    Said...

I really don't think that the move to the Lightning connector is a money grab at all. I am an engineer myself and have had the pleasure of working with some of the higher up people at Apple and they seemed to me to just be really committed to building a great product. The 30-pin connector has had a good run of (I think) 9 years. I think the people that engineered this probably believe this is a technological step forward and it probably is. I'd personally rather we continue to move things forward than stagnate for compatibility. For those that don't want to make the move there is no shortage of old devices floating around. Sounds like @sonicnick may have an iPad 1 for sale. ;-)

19-Sep-12 01:03 PM

Sam Mallery    Said...

I don't think Lightning is a money grab. They wanted a smaller connector so they could do more with the limited real estate on mobile devices.

19-Sep-12 01:11 PM

Gaz Williams    Said...

I co present Sonic Touch with Nick and I have to say at the moment that Apple are most definitely in my bad books. Take the new socket, they should include a proxy adaptor free with every device that uses it but no it is a £25 extra. How many of these adapters are we meant to buy? One for every dock we own? Also the fact that many of the new features of ios6 don't work on the iPad 2 is shocking. Are we seeing Apple setting about making our products obsolete after just one generation? Hmm let's have a look at these Microsoft Surfaces......

19-Sep-12 02:52 PM

Wildman    Said...

I think this connector/adapter thing is a bit of red herring. There have been connectors on the pc over the years that have been superseded. Technology moves on. I have an old triple dat isa card that wont go on any modern pc motherboard. I might start grating some cheese on it to get some use out of it! LOL I do take your point though that these are interesting times and it might be time for microsoft to come back into play. The surface does look good and if it can run windows daws with plenty of power then apple need to step up to the plate because i can see people snapping it up. Apple does have its ecosystem in software but that maybe not enough to stop the stampede. We will see.

19-Sep-12 03:37 PM

Fox    Said...

I really don't understand it not being on ipad 1. It's later in release than 3gs, which is supported. Slightly.

19-Sep-12 05:18 PM

dom    Said...

@ Gaz

when you say that some new features of ios 6 won't work on an ipad 2 can you name me a few please?

19-Sep-12 06:01 PM

bobo    Said...

Isheep. Baaaahhhh

19-Sep-12 07:48 PM

Sam Mallery    Said...

I respect your opinions for being upset about the dock connector. It doesn't bother me in the least, but then again, I'm not invested in any hardware that is reliant upon it. But, if the theme here is slagging Apple, I have to say that I'm going to stay away from iOS 6, and the iPhone 5 as well. The new Maps feature looks terrible. I'm going to have a peek at the alternatives next time around.

20-Sep-12 04:17 PM

gendronw    Said...

Ios6 feel snappier (I think they just reduced the time of the animation between the different windows !). But it's a shame that some features of the new OS are not working on older Device. It's probably because the processors on those machines are too slow

On my Iphone 4 : no Panorama photo, no 3dmap no siri

22-Sep-12 11:08 AM

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