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New Virtual Analog Synth Has A Familiar Look
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Matt    Said...

Is this the thing that used to be called the Sh101ter?

14-Sep-12 06:15 AM

Draper    Said...

Yes Matt, that's it. Probably can't beat the original, same with real TB and plugin.

14-Sep-12 06:31 AM

mattgtr    Said...

I have never found a soft synth that sounds as good as the original hardware unit. The only one that comes even close would be the Arturia Moog Modular V. All the rest just lack something and I have tried many of them.

14-Sep-12 09:51 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

I can tell you guys are serious experts from your insightful comments about soft synths: how they "probably" can't touch the originals they attempt to model and how they're missing that certain "something." Reminds me of a Peace Plan I proposed to the UN a few years back: "Everybody in the world should just, well, you know."

14-Sep-12 11:33 AM

Sticky Soft    Said...

That just a dumb, outdated attitude, there are a number of really amazing sounding Softsynth emulations - things have moved on since 1996 you know.

14-Sep-12 12:06 PM

OOPhine    Said...

I also like how they call them analog soft synths. There is nothing analog about a soft synth. People who love soft synths have never had the real thing and probably not a real woman either :)

14-Sep-12 12:50 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I think this synth sounds good. Does it sound like the SH-101 over my right shoulder? No. Does it have to in order to make good music? No.

What if we just have soft synths that use familiar interfaces, even if the audio sounds different? Is that a bad thing?

17-Sep-12 02:04 AM

Analogue    Said...

New Virtual Analog Synth Has A Familiar Look The word software should be included in this. It is not a virtual analogue, that is normally a reference to hardware. Software emulation is more appropiate. I clicked on hoping to see a virtual analogue, not a software program for a computer.

19-Sep-12 06:05 AM

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