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Analog Flux Synthesizer
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Crap    Said...

How on earth does the word analog get used on this, Would be great to see prosecution for the miss selling and bizzare claims of those flogging such shit.

12-Sep-12 05:40 AM

mattsynth    Said...

I agree with you. I wish they would stop calling these digital plugins analog. It is very misleading.

12-Sep-12 06:49 AM

rezazel    Said...

perhaps it's time to create a new word for these - analogueish, analogey whatever... :-)

13-Sep-12 03:52 AM

Draper    Said...

Yep, an analog synth for $34 lol

13-Sep-12 06:57 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Seriously? The developer uses "analog" to describe their VSTi and you guys feels mislead and confused? Are your comments a genuine desire to prevent other less experienced musicians from being mislead by what you erroneously believe to be "deceptive advertising" or is it merely prejudice that no computer program can ever be as good as your vaunted analog synths?

13-Sep-12 07:59 AM

Come on People    Said...

You people are either a bunch of inexperienced kids that thinks they know all they need to know about music, or a bunch of old stubborn fools that can't deal with someone labeling something with your sacred "A" word. It's for your computer, obviously it isn't really Analog. Would it unravel the panties out of your ass if they added on "Analog Modeling" to the name? There's nothing deceptive or misleading, its a computer plug-in made to create "Analog" style sounds. If you can't figure that out, or can't deal with someone trying to recreate something that you think is so sacred, then you should quit music and try something more along your skill level, like knitting.

13-Sep-12 11:38 AM

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