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KORG Got Something Cooking
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al_bot    Said...

I hope its finally the MS-20 or full analog instruments instead of the monotribe - testing the water type products.

03-Sep-12 10:17 AM

robgs    Said...

I'm hoping there's some more ports to Reason's rack extensions in that announcement ..

03-Sep-12 11:06 AM

gridsleep    Said...

The GedankenMuse. It reads your thoughts and turns them into music automatically. Oh, too early for that? Then, yah, probably a new line of analogs. Or maybe a new ana/digi like the PolyEvolver, only more poly. Or, they shrunk the Jupiter 80. How about a smaller, cheaper Kronos? They could call it the Poseidon, in keeping with that Greek sea gods thing they still keep going. Or maybe a keyboard that uses a neural network AI that invents its own sounds. Where have I heard that before? :)

03-Sep-12 12:00 PM

Vic    Said...

What ever it is, it will break little new ground.

03-Sep-12 04:48 PM

Benedict J.    Said...

Whatever it is, I'm just about to buy a Roland Gaia - should I hold off for the possibility of a poly analog (despite the inevitable key-size?)

03-Sep-12 04:54 PM

geo303    Said...

probably the YABW, yet another boring workstation.

03-Sep-12 05:04 PM

rez_azel    Said...

a budget priced, 2-voice Prophecy remake of course!

03-Sep-12 06:10 PM

Leper convict    Said...

Who cares! KORGs products are of such poor quality with cheap parts/keys/knobs etc and their support is pathetic. I would never buy another Korg product even if it WAS a new MS 20. Never again

03-Sep-12 06:19 PM

Ted    Said...

New synth, analog, poly, $1,000 USD.

03-Sep-12 08:34 PM

lowjk    Said...

If its about the black and red MicroKorg and MicroXL, u might as well shoot me.

04-Sep-12 01:45 AM

Ben    Said...


04-Sep-12 03:19 AM

boudux    Said...

VST versions of Prophecy, Oasys and Karma

or then a 4 octave version of the MicroKey

04-Sep-12 10:35 AM

ganapia    Said...


04-Sep-12 10:38 AM

Benedict J.    Said...

I was hoping they might release a new Radius-type synth using multiple monotron voices, or the Kronos "AL-1" engine.

They appear to be announcing a new rompler workstation and a Microkorg updated to feature dubstep presets.

Where's all your fun stuff, Korg?

05-Sep-12 03:52 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Still loving my Kronoses buuut... it would've been nice to see an analog synth a la MS-20.

For those that need great analog, I highly suggest checking out the Mopho X4. Poly chained to a Tetra, it's nearly perfect!!

23-Sep-12 03:20 AM

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