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Antares Special Offer
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Lagrange Audio    Said...

Note to Antares (and anyone else with ridiculously cumbersome authorisation systems), drop the iLok and I'm a customer. I don't buy software with hardware keys any longer. Why? Because they are a right royal pain in the arse!!

28-Aug-12 05:33 AM

Loneraver    Said...

Wow, I must be the only person who likes iloks. It's useful for me because I need to use my software on other computers than my own sometimes. I am ok with installing my software because it's tied to my ilok.

It's also nicer than having to activate things online and worrying about running out of activations.

28-Aug-12 02:40 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Note to Antares: I don't buy auto-tune software unless it's endorsed by T-PAIN.

28-Aug-12 05:19 PM

Brandon    Said...

Yea Ilok is rediculous. Im in the same boat... No longer buying anything with ilok... I mean yes. lets try and avoid piracy and annoy all our legit customers

05-Jul-13 11:45 AM

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