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Roland G5 Virtual Guitar Stratocaster- Unboxing
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J    Said...

"Roland and Fender's first guitar lovechild - any questions?": this isn't Fender and Roland's first collaboration. Technically, in the late 90's, Fender had a Roland ready Strat though that just meant that it had a Roland pickup and could be used with their guitar synths and modeling hardware. But back in 2007, Fender and Roland came out with the VG Strat which modeled different guitars and had alternate tunings - all of this was built into the guitar. The G5 is a newer version of the VG Strat.

23-Aug-12 09:47 PM

Chris    Said...

I'm interested how the different tunings works with and without overdrive/distortion. For example is the baritone setting usable as clean guitar sound - or is the pitch shifting too obvious. I'm sure the distortion would hide the shifting...

27-Aug-12 05:13 AM

ChucK    Said...

Hello and thank you. Can I use this G5 guitar to trigger the Roland Guitar Synth-like the GR# pick up? That would be WAY cool?

28-Aug-12 12:15 PM

K    Said...

@ChucK - no you can't. The G5 does have a Roland GK-3 pickup, but there's no 13 pin output. Fender/Roland offers the GC-1 Strat which does what you're looking for - but it doesn't offer any onboard processing.

It's silly that while this can model other guitars, they strictly limited this to model Fenders - a Strat (yes, this Strat also does modeled Strat sounds for whatever reason), a Telecaster, and different Fender pickups. It'd be nice if they'd model a Ric or a couple of Gibsons. They don't even bother modeling Fenders like the Jaguar and the Jazzmaster.

And at $1300 (US) for the G5 (which is MIM), you could just save a few bucks by buying a Fender Standard Stratocaster and Telecaster for $450 each and keep the Tele in an alternate tuning.

28-Aug-12 08:29 PM

Pete    Said...

Have just bought a G-5 black to break my dependence upon my 70's start and the style of play it engenders. I'm amazed - not only does the G-5 feel perfect the sound in normal mode is clean Strat and the modelling will drive me to experiment and improve my skills. To answer Chris's question - the alternate tunings work with all the guitars modelled and the baritone and 12 string sound is most apparent in Acoustic, Tele and Normal. The humbucker setting does make the 12 string a tad tinny but that could be the amp setup. I would question K's disbelief that they didn't model the rest of the Fender range and some Gibsons. Asking a lot of anyone to squeeze an entire onto one pick-guard and having cranked up the gain on my amp to full and squeezed in a little extra reverb it sounds like a beefy Gibson SG - just need to play around until you find the sweet spot and that's the fun of it.

02-Sep-12 02:49 AM

Tyya    Said...

Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable suorce? Oh well, gj!

24-Sep-12 02:55 PM

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