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Sonic LAB: Behringer X32 Review Part 2
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JesseJ    Said...

Nice demo. Nice desk. Behringer should have released this as a Midas desk, not as a Behringer desk.

Sadly, the Behringer name is not something anyone would want to offer their clients or put on a raider list... even if the product would be pure gold.

14-Aug-12 05:47 AM

Hugo    Said...

Great review Nick, thanks! would love to see how the person monitor system is working with the x32. And see how the usb recording is working. thanks.

14-Aug-12 02:09 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

Great job on this in-depth demo Nick.I appreciate the lack of "dead air" in your reviews as compared to most as well. I'd written Behringer off as cheap crap ages ago after hearing their 1604 knockoff mixer (I've blocked the actual model # out of my mind). This actually makes me reconsider them as not a lost cause,but I must concur with JesseJ that it would be a tough sell for a client on a name basis alone.Midas has a killer rep in the live scene and Behringer..not so much.Hard to think that detail escaped the PR department .Jeez even a little Midas logo or a new company name for the joint venture or somethin! Maybe its not too late ;) But from the review it looks like you could do worse with your 3gs

14-Aug-12 04:31 PM

Sunny Jim    Said...

Great review Nick, well done. Compact, informed and to the point.

15-Aug-12 07:12 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

So it doesn't hiss like a cat like my Xeynx 2442?

15-Aug-12 09:32 PM

Joe Sample    Said...

Well to the clocking situation, if it was possiable, you could take a word clock like the big bed from apogee and run it over aes/ebu. I don' know if it is possiable. I wish i had the mixer but don't. The perfect setup in my mind is to to have inputs fed through an apogee symphony i/o, and in to the x 32. And the big ben to clock it together. My email is if you have any response to my suggestion.

15-Aug-12 10:20 PM

Chris    Said...

awesome video. Thanks for taking your time for this. it help a lot. I have a question, maybe you can help me with this. Every time you hear something with a different sample rate in the studio you have to turn the x32 off.... why is that . Do you think that there will be a firmware update that will fix this? or do you think it will always be that way. also can you talk about the quality of the mic preamp.. like the overhead specs.

21-Aug-12 01:05 AM

jbrawn    Said...

1) I've got a situation where I really need to have 10 inputs on the mixer, 12 on one S-16 and 10 on another S-16. It sounds from the manual that I can only assign input channels in groups of 8. Any work around? 2) Can I change input channel routing as part of a scene? Can one scene use 8 channels from S-16 "A" and 16 from "B", and another scene use 16 channels from "A" and 8 from "B"?

10-Sep-12 11:59 AM

creativemusicians    Said...

Great review for X32. We got this digital mixer not a long ago (after weighting 6 month to be shipped) and blown away with all features. We got excited and baked our own reviews. Here some of them.

part 1- part 2- part 3- part 4- part 5-

27-Sep-12 01:44 PM

Tim    Said...

There is a "reset" button on the EQ section that flattens it instantly. Also, by "no way to pair channels" do you mean simply linking the faders? On the home page of each channel, pushing the far left rotary encoder will link the selected fader to the one on its right.

17-Nov-12 05:27 PM

weston    Said...

Hey, nice clear info in such a short space. Can you put a internal compressor or limiter across a bus. For instance bus 1&2 that contain a drum mix.. I was told that you cant & need to use external outboard for this.. This would be a sticking point for me.. Cheers

24-Nov-12 06:32 PM

Kenny    Said...

Xlnt review! Thank you so much! I was ready to part with twice as much money for an Allen & Heath GLD when I was recommended this desk by none other than John Cornfield who those in he know will associate his engineering and recording skills with Oasis, the Muse, Supergrass and loads of others. He says he thinks its a better desk. So take that as Gospel! It's the story of Skoda all over again! The answer is to save your money, buy this desk, cover the Behringer name with your bands sticker, (Tango in the Night ( in our case...!) Until Behringer become like Skoda, socially acceptable again and reap the benefits if a superb desk!

16-Dec-12 07:48 PM

Rene    Said...

Is there a faster way to copy/paste graphic and parametric EQs than going to the library?

03-Mar-13 05:43 AM

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