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Win a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 With a Comment
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Vern    Said...

Focusrite is a great company that supports its hardware for years after its competitors have abandoned their's.

14-Aug-12 11:58 AM

John Burke    Said...

Focusrite builds on its excellent legacy of audio excellence with the Scarlet 2i2, and Sonicstate keeps you up-to-date with the best in audio & music tech. Combine the two and you're good-to-go!

14-Aug-12 05:09 PM

Andres    Said...

had an ultranova and the interface was very good. tried a friend's scarlett 2i2 and was very impressed too. if it'll had midi i/o i wouldnt be entering this contest cause i'd allready'l have one... mine?

14-Aug-12 11:22 PM

John Burke    Said...

I checked out the quality of the mic pres, converters, and plugins. To my ears they are on par with the SSL USB audio, Duende Native, and mic pres on the Nucleus at a fraction of the cost! (minus the controller component of course). For a portable rig with a laptop and Novation Impulse keyboard controller, you are Really Goog-To-Go.

A blind hearing test between the SSL and the Focusrite 2i2 would be an interesting proof of value wouldn't it?

15-Aug-12 12:45 PM

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