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Review: Orange Micro Terror and Cab
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HT    Said...

Thanks for the review. It's a tempting little unit to add to the arsenal, but it's not quite there is it.

14-Aug-12 04:49 PM

Robert    Said...

Very good demo and review! Most demos I have seen that confess to be reviews are just demos. This is a review which includes the good and the bad so I say bravo for the truth

17-Dec-12 08:31 PM

Stratman63    Said...

I picked one up "used" (still in the box!) for under $100. The sole reason for the purchase was so I'd have a small, easy to haul, emergency backup for my '91 Ampeg VL-502. Previously I'd had to pack my practice amp (Fender Mustang 3 combo) or borrow a friends Marshall Valvestate head. I don't have much spare room once my regular gear is loaded, so even those could be hard to squeeze in. But after having had my '72 Marshall fail catastrophically at a gig and having NO backup, I vowed to never get caught out like that again. I tried out several alternatives, but found the sound of the Micro Terror to be quite strong and easy to work with. It also has enough power (20 watts) to get me thru a gig, and really sounds good thru my 4x12 cab, which is mic'ed anyway. Most other small amps are 15 watts or less, not quite enough to hear over our drummer. I haven't needed to use it for a gig, and hopefully never will. But I know the MT will do the trick nicely if I do need it some night. It HAS been used, however, for practice and recording, and sounds great! The controls may be basic, but they are very effective at getting a decent array of sounds. You're not going to get Fender-ish sparkling cleans here, but the clean sounds are workable. Where it shines, no surprise, is in the grittier sounds, where the creamy mids really give it character. Being so tiny, its beyond easy to move around to try out different cabs and speakers, which really enhances its versatility. At our last recording sessions,I ran the Micro thru several different cab/speaker setups to get a variety of tones and textures. My favorites were a Mesa/Boogie 2x12 with V-30's, an ancient Fender 4x10 with its original P-10's, and a generic 2x12 that had a Vintage 30 and a Heritage 75. What fun!! For the price, I dont think you can beat it. Even if you do have to pay full price!

16-Mar-13 02:24 PM

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