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bio    Said...

what can i say Korg i have M3 and it is my worst investment in such company as Korg,.. when OS released 2 or 3 years ago,.. and you do not give a damn about korg costumers,..they just continue develope new old technology with differen name M#, and now Kronos,.. and sorry i rather have Kurzweil PC361 and Yamaha motif xf with Kay karma 3.0,... Stephen is the only person who develope karma technology,..without Stephen Kay Korg today would not be such famous company as it is,.so goodbye Korg , have shitty costumer support ,..and i bet in 3 years no OS will be for Kronos ,..i will never buy Korg again,..

20-Aug-12 05:02 AM

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