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Podcast: SONIC TALK 278 - Big Pile Of HUI
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robgs    Said...

Unusual pic there Nick, looks like you've just been punched out of your chair.. :-)

08-Aug-12 07:49 PM

Loneraver    Said...


08-Aug-12 11:56 PM

Nick B    Said...

I couldnt see that in the thumbnail chooser on Youtube - only the big Juno 2012 pic!

Not sure what I was doing there....

09-Aug-12 03:52 AM

Yawn where is the tech talk    Said...

I have just began to listen to your pod cast , the 106 one and I have lost interest your taking ten mins to say hello to people , maybe get on with the job in hand. I wanted to here about the gear , not a lot of back slapping and drawn out dull openings. Get dynamic man. Have taught radio production and broadcast , they would give you the Grave yard slot for sure.

09-Aug-12 04:35 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks mate. Some weeks are just slower news than others, especially in the summer. But anyhow, I guess all criticism gratefully received, will take it on board.

09-Aug-12 05:38 AM

asiohead    Said...

great title ! :)

09-Aug-12 08:24 AM

andrew from australia    Said...

where does a first time listener get off on telling a host to change the show?

on behalf of (i hope) most regular (silent) listeners, keep up the good and entertaining work Nick :)

14-Aug-12 09:21 AM

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