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Roland Juno 2012 - Two Juno 106 Synths Combine Into A Monster
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jup5r    Said...

shame roland will never do anything as cool as this

03-Aug-12 01:28 PM

Derek    Said...

Yeah. Let's see *your* Dark Energy/Little Phatty/Minibrute, Roland! You can do it!

Or maybe we can just throw our money at the exceedingly cool and well-crafted Junior-106 instead:

03-Aug-12 01:35 PM

thomasdeyo    Said...

damn that's really cool

03-Aug-12 02:05 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Excellent idea!

By the way - the URL link to the company at the end of the piece is not working - it looks like you've let out the "http://" behind the scenes as clicking on it says the protocol is not known.

03-Aug-12 07:16 PM

pedantic    Said...

"sound creation potabilities"

Potability means "fitness for drinking".

04-Aug-12 05:00 AM

Chris    Said...

It does sound cool. Although I feel sorry for the one Juno that got butchered.

04-Aug-12 07:14 PM

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