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Podcast: SONIC TALK 277 - Olympic Ceremony Underworld Special
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Velocipede    Said...

Just thinking wouldn't it be great if Sonic Talk covered the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Nice one!

01-Aug-12 08:56 PM

Tanner    Said...

The best Sonictalk ever! Nice one!

02-Aug-12 04:23 AM

asiohead    Said...

One of the best SonicTalk episodes imo, really unique to get an insight like this in such a huge project like the Olympic opening ceremony. The chatroom went totally silent, which says a lot :D

Since I've started making music, Underworld has always been a major influence and me trying to figure out 'how they did it' has thought me so much about the whole process. So this was a treat.

Thanx Darren, Nick and Dave !

02-Aug-12 07:05 AM

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