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Steinberg CMC Controllers Get Attractive New Prices
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Hello World    Said...

too expensive for a couple of leds, plastic, chips, and erratic design all over the place..

02-Aug-12 04:08 AM

mattsynth    Said...

I agree these controllers should be about $60.00 each. Then I would consider purchasing some of them. I would also like to see a real motorized fader instead of those led strips. Presonus fader port is the best bet right now for the money.

02-Aug-12 07:56 AM

RP    Said...

I'd love to have been in the room when they were trying to work out a spin on why they put them at too high a price point in the first place without advertising the fact that as a result they weren't selling very well. 'Production got cheaper' indeed :)

02-Aug-12 09:07 AM

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