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What Happened To Studio Logic's Sledge Synthesizer
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audionerd    Said...

Funny, it's like the design approach of a plugin, but then in hardware.

25-Jul-12 06:10 PM

hausmaus    Said...

If I didn't already have a Q satisfying my giant yellow Waldorf needs, and a Blofeld to make up for the unjust lack of a Microwave XT, this would be just the thing.

25-Jul-12 06:49 PM

Hermann aka SoulGroove    Said...

Same "waiting situation" for me also, the moment I heard this big knob Waldorf engine yellow synth I was sold to immediately. I really hope that Studio Logic will release this beauty.

26-Jul-12 03:01 AM

Andy Keys    Said...

Great looking and sounding board .... But please please please move the I/O to the rear !!!!!

26-Jul-12 05:31 AM

mattsynth    Said...

This one I cannot wait to play. I agree move the I/O to the rear, what are people thinking. Love that Waldorf filter & built in effects so bring it on. I am tired of cheep analog synths with no or super small keyboards. Can you store your patches in this synth? This one looks very promising.

26-Jul-12 08:01 AM

Fester    Said...

I hope the price will be as cheap as this video

26-Jul-12 10:01 AM

raphus    Said...

I gave up on promises from Waldorf after the Stromberg was a year or two late. Personally, I'd rather have a proper Mac editor/librarian for my Blofeld.

26-Jul-12 01:06 PM

RedWalks    Said...

What a coincidence I watched this one week ago : and dunno if judging over YT is relevant but it sounded too clean maybe a bit thin to me...

27-Jul-12 12:43 PM

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