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Theremin + EHX Talking Box +Talent =Human Voice
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mattsynth    Said...

Absolutely amazing.

24-Jul-12 08:03 AM

Allan    Said...


24-Jul-12 01:00 PM

c    Said...

25-Jul-12 01:52 PM

Velocipede    Said...

What does the singer's union have to say about this? Soon entire choirs will be eliminated by legions of theremin players and their electronic contraptions!

26-Jul-12 10:25 PM

Amethyste / EtherealTristesse    Said...

Hello, my name is Amethyste and I am the thereminist playing in this video. First thank you for the wonderful comments and posts about the video. I *AM* a singer and unfortunately, I don't sing in the man's register, hence the talking machine. Plus, what is wrong if a "theremin" is transformed into a virtual Pavarotti? Have you ever tried to actually play a theremin? You have no idea how difficult this instrument is to play. It is fun to give it a different voice for a change. It is no different than a violinist giving its instrument a "guitar" sound. I doubt us "theremin players" will be eliminating entire Choirs with our electronic contraptions. Nothing can replace a real human voice(s)...

27-Jul-12 10:18 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Hi Amethyste, that was an amazing video - it's very hard to control the theremin indeed and even more so to keep it expressive and nuanced, fantastic work! I do believe the previous poster was being sarcastical - it's kind of the same discussion with synths 'replacing' pianos and analog and digital. Each has its place. Anyway, great work!

27-Jul-12 11:53 AM

Amethyste    Said...

Hello Mark! Yeah, I get it, I jumped the gun a little too fast I supposed. It can be viewed as a sarcastic comment, you are right. My apologies to Velocipede! I had a message from someone saying that I was hiding my shady playing with the talking machine, got me a little annoyed haha. Actually the talking machine will show every little mistakes, off note and uneven vibrato, so you have to be in control... Thank you mark for the nice comment, I truly appreciate it!

27-Jul-12 03:34 PM

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