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Podcast: SONIC TALK 275 - Presonus Nimbit
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Carl Jacobson [PreSonus]    Said...

Hey Nick great interview! I wanted to jump in and add some commentary on two things that came up in the video.

The first is SoundCloud VS. Nimbit: as Rick mentioned, they're really complimentary services, it's not an either or situation. One thing I wanted to add is a little known feature of Soundcloud is the ability to set a buy link for the music you share. So if you set up a song on both services from Studio One, you can then link your Soundcloud player to your Nimbit store where people can buy the music.

The second is Jango Internet Radio integration: you quipped "how long will they let that last" Hopefully for a long time. We partnered with Jango and they actually did the development work to integrate our storefronts for their artist members. So this is an official thing. We also have a similar deal with FanBridge and PledgeMusic who also use our store technology.

If your viewers have any additional follow up questions, i can check back in here.

Best regards,


19-Jul-12 11:54 AM

L56    Said...

Hey Nick and troop!

Great podcast! (as ever)

I do would like to know from Gaz what the stuff is that he thinks Maschine does not do!

So Gaz: What is the stuff you think Maschine does not do? ;-)

Are you sure you fully understand it? I remember you saying it's not as deep as you thought it would be (correct me if I'm wrong) and I would like to know in what way.

(No, I do not have NI shares, just a fellow Maschine user! ;-)

Have a good time in Japan!

22-Jul-12 03:42 PM

Alistair    Said...

Part of the reason the Kronos isn't using a different kind of UI or touchscreen technology is that, essentially, the Kronos is the Oasys, from a software point of view.

26-Jul-12 07:41 AM

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