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Celemony Releases The ARA Development Environment
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Sam Mallery    Said...

I get it, but I don't completely get it. Can anyone share examples of how ARA will benefit users, besides the examples discussed in the video?

12-Jul-12 10:48 AM

Starchild Excalibur    Said...

This is not really for end-users. It is for developers of DAWS. It is a better plugin standard that gives plugin developers more features that they can incorporate into their plugins.

12-Jul-12 01:55 PM


I really hope this is going to be in Logic x but i dont think it will make it into Logic for a while if ever.

18-Jul-12 06:40 PM

Loneraver    Said...

I wish this would show up in Pro Tools. Knowing Avid, I know it won't but I can dream.

19-Jul-12 09:13 AM

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