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Podcast: SONIC TALK 274 - Strad Or Bad
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Derek    Said...

Sonic: First and fastest in more ways than one. ;)

Was also pleasantly surprised to see that GForce is now in the Propellerhead Rack Extension store!

I hope we can get RIch back soon. :(

12-Jul-12 08:43 AM

Derek    Said...

Also, I ran into the Kemper amp while looking for NAMM 2012 news and found out that they're somehow connected to Access Music... go figure.

World's first trance guitar amp? :P

12-Jul-12 08:44 AM

KiwiSteve    Said...

I agree with Gaz that Studio One Mastering is cool and the integration with the mixing (Song) section of Studio One is brilliant. I am almost totally a Studio One convert now - even Logic is getting ignored ore and more.

With the New Nimbit extension Studio One can go from tracking to Mixing to mastering to CD production and now Sales and marketing and Fan management etc..

Studio One and Presonus rocks right now..

14-Jul-12 10:55 AM

Wildman    Said...

You don't need a Stratocaster to play Smoke on the Water. RIP Jon Lord.

16-Jul-12 07:42 PM

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