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Sonic LAB: Universal Audio Apollo
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Athar S    Said...

Thanks very much, very informative but unfortunately out of range :(

11-Jul-12 12:30 AM

Sam Mallery    Said...

The best reviews in MI, as usual. Thanks for the great work.

UA have done a really nice job with this. Far too expensive for me these days, but I've got a nice interface and great sounding plug-ins already, so it's all good. :)

11-Jul-12 09:20 AM

Derek    Said...

Out of range but gorgeous!

Don't forget to check out Sonic's review of the UAD Satellite as well. :-)

11-Jul-12 10:44 AM

Dolphono    Said...

Hey Sonic LAB, will you cover/review Waves's SoundGrid Server? A direct competitor to UA's Apollo unit.

11-Jul-12 02:40 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

UAD made several fatal mistakes with this:

1. It's too expensive for the amount of physical I/O and DSP power - there should be twice as much of each for this price point. 2. There's no MIDI 3. Its Headphone Preamp is not as good as the very best so for proper headphone monitoring you still have to buy another DAC/Headphone Preamp and hence woudl never bother with this.

UAD - you shoudl have absolutely nailed the ADC, DAC and Headphone sections, so though a nice spec, not up to the best of them and too expensive.

11-Jul-12 03:33 PM

loneraver    Said...

I'm not complaining about the price here. A quality 192khz* with good Pre's and access to those lovely plugins are a price I would pay when save up enough for it.

I just had a question about the interface. Can this device also use these UAD plugins as insert effect in my DAW?

*Yes, there is a reason for 192khz. I find it very useful as an audio archivists who need to transfer a lot of audio tape at high speed.

16-Jul-12 10:38 PM

Nick B    Said...

Hi loneraver, yes you can use the UAD platform as you would normally do for inserting into your DAW channels.

17-Jul-12 10:17 AM

loneraver    Said...

Sweet! Looks like I know what present I'm going give myself for getting the new job!

18-Jul-12 12:49 AM

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