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Podcast: SONIC TALK 273 - Mowg Envy Bitwig Penguin
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Kaleb    Said...

Woohoo! Scanners reference!

05-Jul-12 02:24 PM

Japansynth    Said...

Great show. Watching in the small hours with streaming cold. White balance antics so funny snorted tissue plugs out of nostrils whilst weeping with laughter. Too much information? Ash jumpers for goalposts......

09-Jul-12 05:11 AM

Japansynth    Said...

Er not sure where last sentence came from! Typo? Benylins kicking in?

09-Jul-12 05:20 AM

Derek    Said...

:D Thanks for the funnier-than-average show :)

Will we be following Sonic to Summer NAMM this year?

09-Jul-12 10:51 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks guys,it was fun to do too. Nope we are not going to Summer NAMM - usually somewhat light on products to warrant the expense of attending

09-Jul-12 01:48 PM

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