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Help The Greek Economy - Buy A Handmade MIDI Controller
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The Thruth    Said...

All tax payers from Europe are helping the Greeks already.

27-Jun-12 07:06 AM

galius    Said...

they are lazy nation and they live in a big foot and spend money , we will not pay for lazyness,..they get to much cash from EU..and the summer season bring them big money so stop crying,..i prefer turkey than this greek roms

27-Jun-12 10:04 AM

me    Said...

will it crash like their economy ?

27-Jun-12 11:08 AM

maqam    Said...

midi politics for the masses. it could be better if they offer a tv remote controller

27-Jun-12 12:12 PM

Informer    Said...

Gallus you watch to much tv soaps if you think thats the situation.

First: The people of Greece are not lazy, they work more hours in the week then most people in Europe do.

Second: The greek people don't want the money. Its a total scam played by Goldman Sachs and other giants with the same scams. The money you referring to will never reach to the people you are blaming against. Look what happens in your own country. We're all being robbed, in Europe, America, Asia, Africa anywhere!

Third: What does politics have to do with instruments made by a person in some country. The only reason you responded like that was because of the title.

27-Jun-12 08:05 PM

John    Said...

Ok, let's say we (the greek people) are lazy, so we have economic problems because of our lazyness.. what about Spain? Portugal? Cyprus? Italy? France soon. Well, I guess we're all lazy down here right? Please don't believe the lies that they sell. Too many bad things are written here too about the "cruel selfish" Germans, creating racism and hate among the people. We are all brothers and sisters. If you want to fight something, fight the economic dictatorship and the banksters.

28-Jun-12 01:22 PM

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