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Sonic Touch Ep 12 - Alchemy Mobile
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nativeVS    Said...

This morph field of the Alchemy Mobile existed even in Kore 2as far as I can remember and it is in my opinion mor for people who just want to use presets instead of programm their own sounds.

22-Jun-12 03:34 PM

Bo    Said...

werkmeister app review would be nice. Or an overview of creative sample apps in general. I think there several around now.

great show btw. Bo

22-Jun-12 05:03 PM

Joe Allen    Said...

excellent presentation as always. you're defo on to something here. lot's of musicians need help cutting through the swathes of apps. how about doing a side feature like your top 5 apps which change as new apps may break into the chart etc. also you could do a "best app for..." feature including categories like analogue synth sequences, creative inspiration, recording audio, sound quality etc. nice one

22-Jun-12 05:32 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I think Gaz touched on it, but don't forget that for each desktop library that you own, you get it free on the mobile versions. Nice one, Camel!!!

22-Jun-12 09:59 PM

Marc    Said...

Thanks again for Sonic Touch! Always very informative.

24-Jun-12 01:05 AM

Maebh Murphy    Said...

Great Show, really helps sort Out the Apps that are Toys from the really useful ones. Will be using this on Stage next week!

24-Jun-12 08:08 PM

Athar    Said...

Best episode so far, gotta play around with Alchemy free and see if it's worth for a Pay app, sounds like it!!

24-Jun-12 11:57 PM

Athar    Said...

After trying it for few minutes I'm sold, I'm buying this app :)

25-Jun-12 12:06 AM

Scott    Said...

Thanks for the shows, I really enjoy them and find them useful

26-Jun-12 02:24 AM

gaz    Said...

appreciate you providing this excellent show. i'm off to download alchemy, thanks for the tip.

11-Jul-12 03:12 PM

Bernard    Said...

Love the vid, your a good double act, just bought the app and love it. Thanks Bernard

15-Oct-12 03:38 PM

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