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Korg Polysix For Reason
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FanBoyForLife    Said...

Yep and it sounds so good inside of reason i mean really good,plus the price is such good value that it crashed one of the props servers last night,They must have sold thousands of units just in a twenty four hour period,Lets hope other future developers are watching korgs business and pricing policy.Well done korg and propellerheads.

22-Jun-12 05:18 AM

Killa    Said...

Would be nice to see crossgrade pricing though asi have already payed for the anlog collection twice ......

22-Jun-12 07:43 AM

FanBoyForLife    Said...

Yea totally with you on that Killa.I too own both of the legacy series,and all the soft tube products,Saddens me to see so many users on the props user forum either struggle with the price of some of the R.Es,Or like you and me are having to fork out twice for the same product,Not a problem for me personally but for most musicians in this current climate,its the last thing they need.

22-Jun-12 08:55 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Totally agree with you Killa. Seems like there are crossgrades for most software but not for REs. That seems a little strange as all you seem to hear in the RE videos from developers is how easy it was to port to them.

22-Jun-12 09:53 AM

PierreM    Said...

So, is PolySix 64-bit in Reason? I'm not a Reason user but i think vers. 6 is 64-bit, right? If it is, i sure hope Korg will update its VST/AU Legacy Collection. If not,...

22-Jun-12 11:10 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Spent yesterday evening comparing Polysix and Subtractor - duplicating patches on one then the other. If there's a $49.00 difference, I'm not hearing it.

22-Jun-12 12:59 PM

Woo    Said...

The price of these rack extensions is simply not worth it for a few reasons: first, it's a VST limited to a single platform and that limitation makes it worth less to potential owners, second, developers don't have to maintain user databases or handle online distribution (and associated costs) so the price shouldn't be as high as a typical VST. (That's part of the reason Mac App Store apps have lower prices, you know.) Third, and perhaps most importantly, these Reason VSTs cannot be resold or transferred, even for a fee. Properllerheads simply bans it (see their FAQ.)

So if you want to make Reason more popular, and you want to sell more rack extensions, devs need to lower the prices, and Propellerheads has to allow ownership transfer.

22-Jun-12 04:42 PM

Troofus    Said...

Props talked out of both sides of their mouths when they first announced the Rack Extensions concept. They told users that RE prices would be significantly lower than that of their VST counterparts......but that's obviously not what they told developers. Then they flat out lied to developers and told them they would offer cross-grade pricing. Aside from the Polysix, just about all the RE are overpriced to me, so I'm taking a wait and see attitude towards them, and voting with my wallet by keeping it shut.

23-Jun-12 06:32 AM

PierreM    Said...

Eh? A 32-voice virtual PolySix at 49$ is over-priced??? Hello!! Lemme guess, you've never bought any software that you use, right?

24-Jun-12 07:56 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Overpriced?! The Korg Polysix is a steal. It looks identical to a real Polysix; well, identical if the original had more knobs and sliders. Korg even matched the color of the paint! The knobs aren't an exact match to the vintage kit but only a purist would have a problem with it. And the font. Classic Polysix. Korg's "visual modelling" department is at the top of their game. But does the RE Polysix sound like a real Polysix? Well, no. Not even close. But it certainly looks like one and that's apparently what your $49.00 buys you.

25-Jun-12 09:08 AM

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